The Love Vitamin acne
It went well and skin’s doing great so far!

It’s been exactly a month since I started my candida cleanse, and my new supplements!

Last month I got a bigger breakout than I was happy with, so I decided to take the following measures:

  • Do a candida cleanse – a three week strict period of no sugar at all (even natural sugar) and a regimen of supplements (antifungals and probiotics) to restore gut flora balance
  • Ditch Estroblock and Thorne SAT – my beloved supplements that worked so well for my skin for so long, but obviously didn’t seem to be working that great anymore
  • Try some new supplements – berberine, zinc, and curcumin (aka turmeric)

My skin does go through cycles of waxes and wanes… so I can’t quite call this strategy a huge success until I’ve given it probably another month, but I must say… things are going very well so far.

How Did My Candida Cleanse Go?

My candida cleanse actually went really well.

It probably helped that I was eating fairly well for many weeks before the cleanse, so I didn’t get as much of a healing crisis (or major cravings) as I may have if I was jumping in straight off a sugar filled SAD diet (or if I had done this as soon as I came back from South America where I was eating really badly).

I would also always expect going into a candida cleanse to get a few more breakouts than usual up until at least the third week.

However, the only detox symptoms I had were maybe being a little more sleepy in the afternoon than usual..

And as for my skin, I had a few small pimples come and go throughout the cleanse but nothing too bad.

The biggest skin issue was that I did get one big nasty volcanic looking one on my chin that took FOREVER to go away, and left quite the red mark, which has still not completely faded.

So that kind of sucked, but overall, not the end of the world…

Here’s how my skin has progressed throughout the month:

The Love Vitamin breakouts
What I was starting with.. it could certainly be worse, but just one too many small/medium inflamed guys (and some big under the skin ones too) over the month of March… and I got fed up.  Taken April 1st, 2016. No face makeup in any of these pics, btw..
The Love Vitamin no more breakouts
Taken April 5th. Just happened to hit a clear day… since I had only started the cleanse and new supps on April 3rd, I couldn’t quite give them credit just yet…
The Love Vitamin
Taken April 11th… big guy getting nice and inflamed
The Love Vitamin
Taken April 14th, big guy still big, starting to get a little less inflamed. Small one below lip in chin crease
The Love Vitamin acne
Sorry for the blurry picture… taken April 17th. Chin was feeling a bit inflamed this day. Big guy still trying to work itself out.. at least four small guys too, but they went away pretty quick
The Love Vitamin acne
Taken April 19th. Big guy fading, annoying guy by side of mouth
The Love Vitamin acne
Taken April 22nd. After the 19th, there wasn’t much to see so I stopped taking so many pics. Skin going great!
The Love Vitamin acne
Taken May 1st. Skin still totally clear! I was a little tired in this pic though haha

Also, another reason I think the cleanse wasn’t so difficult for me was that I was keeping on top of making the food and taking all the supplements, but also doing a really great job of keeping busy with other things and not obsessing about my skin or the cleanse.

So it was over before I knew it!

And The Food?

For the first two weeks, I was flying with the food!

Sure, the options are a lot more limited… I was mostly eating plates of salad and vegetables, brown rice or quinoa, and a bit of meat or eggs. Sometimes more interesting meals.

But in honesty, I actually found that easier in some ways… when you have a limited scope of options, as least it’s not as hard to decide what you’re going to eat! (I don’t know about you, but I hate deciding what to eat)

So in that way it was great.

Overall, I was quite happy with the food on the cleanse! All the dishes were delicious, and even Luke (the non-candida cleansing husband) enjoyed every dinner I made us.

Here’s some of the food I was eating (all of which are great ideas for healthy acne safe food on or off the cleanse):

candida cleanse food acne
Egg muffins, sauteed greens, and rice
candida cleanse food acne
My breakfast staple: buckwheat bircher muesli with berries and coconut milk
candida cleanse food acne
Chicken avocado salad
candida cleanse food acne
Ground beef, quacamole, brown rice, and Mexican chop salad
candida cleanse food acne
Green bean / chicken soup and salad
candida cleanse food acne
Korean stir fry (sauce made with coconut aminos instead of soy sauce and sweetened with xylitol)
candida cleanse food acne
Roast beef dinner with brown rice and asparagus
candida cleanse food acne
Sauteed kale greens, fried eggs, and quinoa!

But by the end of the second week, I was getting so sick of all the same things that I was losing my appetite big time and starting to get cravings for a little more variety. So I decided to “cheat” a little…

And by cheat, I mean start eating some pumpkin and sweet potato. Which aren’t technically allowed, but… come on. It’s not like it was a McDonald’s burger.

Either way, everything still seemed to work out just fine. My appetite got re-invigorated by this small change and I made a strong finish with the cleanse.

At the end of the third week, I started transitioning by adding in some beans, a bit of fruit and other little things here and there.

Acne candida food
A very healthy – and tasty – transition meal. Pesto eggs, salad, quinoa tabbouleh, chicken, almonds, sauerkraut, hummus, and veggies

By the end of the fourth week, I was basically eating my normal diet although I am enjoying maintaining a very low sugar whole foods diet and keeping many principles of the cleanse in my regular eating.

Although I have had a little bit of dairy and “white gluten” sneak in while out for dinner or with friends, but so far to no detriment.

Hey, I never claimed I would stay perfect!

And although the cleanse has ended, I will still continue to take zinc, curcumin, and berberine (although berberine only for another month or two as you don’t want to take that forever).

I have also increased my probiotics and fermented foods a lot – at least 100 billion probiotic count per day, some goats milk kefir every morning, some live sauerkraut, and a fair bit of kombucha.

This is to continue building up my good gut flora after my course of antifungals, and I will continue this on for as long as possible.

A Success Either Way

Acne or not, I am so happy I decided to do this cleanse.

I was getting very lazy about my diet and although I don’t know how (mentally) healthy being super strict is in the long run, I think it can be pretty useful in the short term just to get yourself back on track. I know I needed it.

And I am personally astonished at how a complete sugar fast can reset your taste buds on what tastes sweet….

Green apples are like wow to me now, where as when you are really used to very sugary foods and fruits… it’s like…. are you kidding me? Green apples taste sweet?? Cha’right.

And My Skin Now?

Skin has slowly been getting better and better over the month…. right now it looks friggin’ awesome! Despite it being the week right before my period!

So… like I said… I would like to give it another month, maybe two, before I sing hallelujah (since my skin does tend to go in cycles and waves when it comes to breakouts, I need to judge my skin over a longer period of time), but hoping it sticks!

Here’s me knocking on wood..

Knocking on wood for no more acne
Taking a “knock on wood” selfie was way harder than expected

Want to try the candida cleanse in addition to learning exactly how to change your diet and lifestyle to clear up your skin? Check out my Naturally Clear Skin Academy program. See you there!