Remember last post, when I gave you a big pep talk about not procrastinating on starting a healthier lifestyle in order to clear your skin?

Well, I’m going to harp on about it just a little bit more and risk sounding like your mom. Forgive me!

Another good reason that you should start taking care of yourself today is so that you can be gorgeous and vibrant and full of energy as long as possible! And the sooner you start, the more likely you will age really well.

It’s just that it’s so easy when you’re young to think ‘Meh. I’ll worry about it later’.

Have you ever wondered why it is that teenagers seem so flippant about things that may harm them? They are much more likely to take risks such as driving too fast, drinking too much, and just being plain old dumb.

Well there is actually a reason, and it’s not just because they don’t know any better… it’s because your brain actually changes during adolescence and the parts of your brain that processes the experience of fear seem to have a much lower activity rate compared to children and adults.

I know this was true for myself… I was fearless as a teenager!

I had no problem doing all kinds of crazy things like climbing water towers, drinking myself silly, walking alone at night in a city, traveling by myself, and doing all sorts of stuff that I would totally think twice about now. It’s a good thing I was always sensible enough to buy travel insurance!

Along with this whole fearless attitude also comes with the complete ignorance that the health choices we make are ever going to affect us. It just seems so far in the future. No one ever sees themselves beyond being young and agile, so it’s hard to associate.

But of course, by the time you reach adulthood, gain some sense and that fear part of your brain kicks in, the habits are so damn ingrained.

But hey… you know the pain of having acne. You know how awful and frustrating it is. I’m sure you can imagine how much it will suck to deal with wrinkles and spare tires, not to mention other painful and life changing diseases so common in our western society. You are not immune to them!

So… as unfortunate as it is to think that everyone else can get away with their health crimes… they will pay later. You will be laughing when you’re 40 and people are still IDing you because you look so darn good! So start now, my friend!

photo by modenadude