Did you know you take advice from a total blockhead?

I would like to ask you a favour…

It’s not a hard favour. Not like…. could you take my dog for a walk, clean my bathroom, and do my taxes. No, this a mutually beneficial favour!

You tell me what you want me to blog about, and I will (probably) blog about it. Questions you want answered? No problem! Tell me in the comments down below and I’ll do my best to get an article or video done about it!

You see, I am the type of blogger who prefers to write or make videos based on my current inspirations. A project I’m doing that day, a product or new food I’ve tried out, a feeling I’m feeling, or just some other general lesson that I’ve contrived from my current life. I feel like this is a natural, pleasurable, and heart felt way to blog because it’s not forced.

But then again, I am about consistency too, and like anything in life, inspiration is not constant, and sometimes I’m left the day before I need to post a blog article going “hmm…… ..hm. …. what to write about… … …… .” ….. *clicks onto Facebook and it’s all downhill from there*

I actually do keep a list of little flitting inspirations and blog ideas so that I can keep track of the potential as it runs through my head. But then I look at the list later and that fleeting inspiration is now gone and I don’t desire to write about it anymore!

Plus, the other thing is that I want to blog about stuff that YOU want to know about (and since I’m not you, I don’t know what you want to know about). I look at my list, and I think “Is anyone actually gonna care about this?” I really do have about a gazillion things that I could write about, but I have no idea if the little things that I find interesting would be interesting to you. (Although I suppose you wouldn’t know if you found them interesting unless I told you about them)

Plus, being the perfectionist that I am, I like to have a great mix of topics. A perfect balance between videos, articles, stuff about acne and skin care, my emotional musings, food articles, and other off the wall things that maybe don’t relate specifically to acne, but relate to inspiration for life. I’ve always been like this – I get a big picture in my head of a beautiful project, and it must be well rounded. My blog is no different.

Example: When I make a photo album on Facebook, it has to be over a longer period of time, with only the best photos from a variety of events, and the photos have be bright and colourful with a perfect mixture of people and scenery shots, and when you look at the album as a whole, the variety of colours of the photos has to balanced and pleasing to the eye. Only then will I be satisfied. Some may call this ‘obsessive’ but I am going to call it ‘artistic’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

So anyway… part of being well rounded is not only having stuff that I want to talk about and stuff that I think you should know about, but also questions and topics that you actively want to know about. That stuff swirling around in your head that you think “Man. I wish Tracy would blog or vlog about that”.

Alright! Go!! Tell me!! Please leave your suggestions in the comments below!!! LOVE ๐Ÿ˜€