The Love Vitamin old picture of Tracy's skin
Me in 2011. This was after the severe acne, but before I figured out how to fine tune my skin

After years of experimenting with different natural, holistic strategies to treat my own acne prone skin, I’ve come to a few solid conclusions.

One is that the acne on different areas of my face acts, behaves, and responds differently than one another.

Although I’ve been loving the benefits I’ve been getting from my DIY ultra-natural, ultra-healing moisturizer, it doesn’t mean it’s the be-all-end-all to every type of acne on my face.

I want to share with you which natural, holistic strategies I’ve found has worked best for me for these different types of acne that I get.

The Kind of Acne That Dons My Face

Here’s the break down of my acne prone face:

  • Forehead = very, very prone to full on clogged pores all over it. And the occasional run of the mill inflamed pimple.
  • Cheeks and jaw = thankfully not acne prone at all, even in the really bad acne days
  • Smile lines and sides of nose = not normally acne prone for me, but the acne did spread here when my skin was really bad
  • Chin area = My most stubborn acne prone area. Prone to stubborn mildish acne.. numerous small to medium inflamed pimples that all pop up at the same time right before my period, and right after it. These pimples wouldn’t be such a big deal if it was just one of them at a time, but since they all happen at once, it gets tiresome.
  • Chin area = If things start really going downhill with my skin, I also start getting big inflamed volcano style pimples, as well as lots of those big hurty under the skin red ones that don’t really ever come to a head
  • All over except cheeks = I’m also prone to just uneven skin tone.. red blotchy areas

Here’s my breakdown of what I’ve discovered works best for me:

What Works for Me for Keeping my Skin “Pretty Good”

This is the part where I’m not exactly sure of one particular thing that is the “money”, but it’s just all the general lifestyle stuff.

Keeping a pretty healthy diet, keeping up a decent exercise routine, working through my emotions, keeping my gut in shape with probiotics, not using harsh unhealthy skin ingredients, not picking and popping.

I believe this is 100% what keeps my skin from looking like ‘dis:

Tracy severe acne

By ‘dat, I mean acne that is all month, fast and furious, and everywhere.

What Works for My Forehead

My forehead has been the only place on my face that has been extremely prone to clogs. I’m talking like the whole thing… just one big, stubborn clog.

The general lifestyle improvements were never all that helpful here. The caveman wasn’t really either. I thought Estroblock helped with this initially, but it seemed like they came back after a while.

I’ve discovered after all this time that what it really does it for me with the clogs is a consistent moisturizing routine with oils.

I’ve never seen my forehead so consistently smooth as I have lately with my several months of DIY moisturizing. And I assume the papaya masks have helped here too.

Past experimentation with jojoba oil has also confirmed that it is indeed the oils that do the trick for the clogs. This time I’ll be keeping up with the moisturizing fo’ sho.

“Big” Acne on and Around My Chin

When I’ve been slacking off on my health for long enough (or back before I cared about health at all), I will start getting “big” acne on my chin.

I mean like big volcanoes, and lots of those sore, red, under the skin ones that don’t come to a head.

I have found the very best strategy here (aside from generally improving your lifestyle where you’d been slacking) is to do a candida cleanse. For me, it seems to clear that kind of acne right up.

The Mild “Come and Go” Acne on my Chin

This acne is by far my most stubborn, frustrating kind of acne that I get.

I know it’s hormonal, because I don’t get it for most of the month, and then it all pops up at once before, and also right after my period.

For a long time, I just felt like no matter WHAT I did… no matter what diet I tried (I swear I tried ’em all) and no matter how good I was about it, no matter which supplements I used, no matter how bomber my DIY moisturizer is, this stuff just wouldn’t budge.

It wasn’t until I started using Estroblock (and Thorne SAT as well) that I finally found the solution to this kind of acne.

And to this day, it seems to be the only thing that works for it for me.

It doesn’t mean that on Estroblock I NEVER get a spot anymore, but it’s like I might get one at a time, every once in a while, and it goes away quickly… versus like 4 or 5 all at once. Which I am perfectly okay with.

It also seems to even out my skin tone a lot and get rid of blotchy skin.

Not to mention allow me to be more lenient with my diet, and stress out a lot less.

I’ve tried to quit Estroblock a couple of times now, and everything’s okay for a couple of months and then this annoying chin acne starts creeping back in.

Most recently I had a bit of a “big” breakout that I wasn’t happy with. I was actually still on Estroblock at this point, so I decided to quit using it for a while and try some other things.

I did a candida cleanse, and tried some new supplements: zinc, turmeric, and berberine.

I think all these things did help quite a bit. The “big” acne went down and everything was much more under control.

But I still eventually ended up with that same old annoying chin acne that wouldn’t budge for the life of me.

So if you’re wondering …. yes. I quit the other supplements (except zinc), and I went back on Estroblock and Thorne SAT a couple of months ago. And it cleared all that noise right up, as expected.

And yeah, it sucks because I’m obviously dependent on it, but… oh well. I’m just happy to have something that works.

Everyone’s Skin Journey is a Unique Snowflake

skin journey unique snowflakeI think there’s so much you can do to improve your skin rather quickly and dramatically, and that’s the general lifestyle improvements that I’ve mentioned above.

Start with my e-guide Naturally Clear Skin for a very in depth guide, and my Naturally Clear Skin Academy if you want even more hands on support.

However, depending on the stubbornness of your skin, you may need to spend some time on trial and error within this framework before you really get your skin all figured out.

I wish it was more simple… and I wish that what has worked for me will be the exact strategies that work for you too.

I think, of course, what’s worked for me is a helpful starting point for you on things to try, which is why I’m sharing it.

But you must remember that you’re not a failure if your skin doesn’t respond in the exact same way as mine and that you have to keep experimenting.

Everyone will have their own skin journey, and that’s okay.

When you finally get it all figured out, believe me… it’s a huge relief! You’ll realize just how worth it the journey was!!