How to remove makeup naturally
Removing makeup is just the most fun I’ve ever had!

How to remove facial makeup gently and naturally without using chemical removers is a question I understandably get a lot.

One method that I have recommended in the past is using a very fine microfibre cloth such as the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt. All you do is wet the cloth and gently massage it around your face and it removes makeup with only water.

This isn’t a bad method and lots of people have loved it. I still think it’s a better option than chemical makeup removers. Magic Mitt lovers, if it works for you keep using it!

However, I’ve learned a lot about external skin care over the last year, and I no longer expressly recommend doing any mechanical exfoliation at all, particularly if your skin has an imbalance like acne or redness.

By mechanical exfoliation, I mean using any kind of rubbing or scrubbing action to remove the outermost layer of skin. And, well, Magic Mitting regretfully falls under this category, even if it is a gentle form of it.

This is because manual exfoliation thins and irritates the skin’s barrier (particularly daily manual exfoliation), which leads to dehydration. When your skin is dehydrated, it starts trapping dead skin cells and other junk in the pore, leading to more skin imbalance.

Instead, the best thing to do is exfoliate by enzyme exfoliation such as the papaya enzyme masks, and only ever third or fourth day… not every day.

This gently eats away the top layer of dead skin without that scrubbing action, and by not doing it every day, you are preventing the skin from thinning.

Anyway… back to removing makeup…

So How Do I Remove My Makeup Then?

So if I no longer recommend the Magic Mitt, what do I recommend then?

Well, if your face makeup isn’t too sticky, I’d recommend just washing it off with a gentle natural face wash such as raw, smooth honey.

If your makeup is stubborn though, then you’ll have to use oils to first dissolve it.

So, grab an oil of your choice. It doesn’t have to be the same one that you use to moisturize with after. Jojoba would be a good one for anyone to use as a makeup remover, but it’s up to you.

So just put a few drops of oil in your hand and wipe it onto your face, and also over your eyes if you’re wearing eye makeup. Allow it to sit for a minute or two to dissolve, and then use the honey to wash it all off.

If it’s still not off, wash with honey a second time to get any significant residue that remains. You may need a cotton pad (or you can use the Magic Mitt!) to help wipe away eye makeup.

And then before you dry your skin off, apply a bit more of your moisturizer or an oil that’s good for your skin type. And that’s that!

What are your tips on natural makeup removal? What works best for you?