Thank you so much for all your topic suggestions that you offered me in the last post! It’s been extremely helpful, so keep em coming!

After writing that request, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to post, and purpose behind it. When you are building a blog that you want people to read, it is important to be consistent. People want to know when to check their favourite blogs, and if there isn’t a post when it’s expected, it becomes disappointing. People will only check back so many times before they forget or give up.

Yet, having my schedule of every other day with no real structure was causing me anxiety when I couldn’t come up with anything I wanted to talk about. I also don’t want to pump out crap material just for the sake of it – I want everything I give you to be of value.

So I’ve decided I want to try something … I want to set up a regular schedule of posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a specific structure for each day.

Epic Fridays

On Fridays, I am going to post one really epic in-depth article on a certain topic. Like really great how-to guides, or just expanding on a topic with a lot of detail. They may be long, and I may have to spend all week doing research for them, but they’ll be quality. I hope to focus much of my weekly effort on them, and hopefully they will become the cornerstones of my blog!

Q&A Mondays

Mondays, I am going to start doing a Q&A type article where I take all the questions I’ve been asked in emails that week and post them with my responses. I answer a lot of questions behind the scenes, so may as well have everyone benefit from that. Especially if they are quick questions that don’t deserve full posts.

Grab Bag Wednesdays

Wednesdays will be grab bag day. They’ll just be short and snappy tips, a quick video, a recipe, or whatever else. Wednesdays won’t be in-depth, just some quick stuff that I was interested in sharing with you.

What do you think? My focus here is to actually post less, so that I can give you more in the ways of super quality posts once a week.

What do you think? What do you like? Shorter articles? In depth articles? Do you prefer watching videos or reading? Do you like this new structure I’m proposing?

photo by ratsinis