Today we welcome a guest story from Domh, sharing her success with The Love Vitamin method! 

Right around puberty is when the acne started. I would have the occasional spot on my chin, cheek, near my nose, etc…but the worst of it was the countless, tiny bumps all over my forehead.

No over-the-counter methods worked, so when I was 12 we went to the dermatologist. I went on an oral prescription, tetracycline, and a prescription topical cream. I also got rid of my bangs.

The bumps cleared up, but I still had the odd zit here and there, as one does when they are a teen!

Fast forward seven years, I go on birth control, get married, and begin “adulting”. My skin stayed pretty clear, even when I got off of birth control.

My skin has always been what I would call combination… cheeks completely fine, but the T-zone and chin were always greasy by the end of the day. But still, it just wasn’t a problem acne-wise.

In fact, I would often be complimented on my “beautiful skin”, or my “ivory complexion”. Clear skin was a part of my identity.

At that point, my regular routine included an anti-acne exfoliant in the morning, and then a gentle cleanser to remove makeup at night, toner, and moisturizer. Years without a major incident.

But Things Changed and Clear Skin Was Now a Memory

And then… something happened. It crept up slowly, but a few months after my 30th birthday, I realized the bumps that had tormented me in my pre-teen and early teen years had returned!

I tried using over the counter solutions again. I ordered a skincare regimen online that was touted as being “better than Proactiv”. It worked for about three weeks, and then the bumps returned with a vengeance.

So, then I tried Proactiv+. Three weeks, it worked! … until it didn’t.

But… but…. the thing is…  I’m a dancer! I am up on stage, supposed to be representing some kind of beauty! My confidence was suffering. If I didn’t have my beautiful skin, then what was left?

I mean, don’t get me wrong… I’m great at doing corrective makeup, but that’s no way to go through life. In the evenings, as I would get ready for bed, I would just stare at my bumpy forehead and cry.

I just didn’t know what to do…I was afraid I would have to go to a dermatologist again, and I knew I couldn’t really afford that.

Instead, I went on google in late December of 2015… I think the search terms I used were “natural acne cure”, and BOOM. There was the Love Vitamin.

The Love Vitamin Made All the Difference for Me

I signed up for Tracy’s newsletter, received my free report, and began to read. It seemed too simple! I ordered all of the recommended products: the probiotic, the DIM, a honey cleanser, and jojoba oil.

For the days leading up to their arrival, I had done further reading and was doing a modified Caveman regimen—i.e. I was washing my face still, but only at night to remove makeup…and even that little bit made a difference.

Once all of my new tools arrived, I started taking my supplements, and still only washed my face once per day before bed, moisturizing morning and night with a few drops of jojoba.

Then, the headaches started. Long story short, I went back to the Love Vitamin to search side effects of using DIM, and indeed others had experienced the same thing!

So, I bought the Thorne Liver support supplement and began to take that at the same time as my DIM… voila! No more headaches. (Note: I’m not really surprised about the headaches… my husband is a winemaker, so I partake more often than most folks).

Within a month of starting The Love Vitamin, I could run my fingers over my forehead and nearly all of the little papule bumps had gone. I started getting compliments on my complexion again… I’ve even heard that my skin “glows”.

My daily makeup routine involves under-eye concealer, a light dusting of powder (which I make myself), eyebrow grooming, and mascara… eyeliner if I’m feeling fancy.

Before, I would have full foundation and extra concealer on all day every day. I still have to do a full face of stage makeup for performances, but that’s okay… it’s only once a month.

Needless to say, I threw out ALL of my other face creams and acne treatments.

It’s been a whole year since starting The Love Vitamin and my clear skin is still going strong. I don’t even need the DIM anymore!

The best part is that I don’t cringe and tear up at the sight of my face in the mirror anymore.

I finally look and feel like myself again!

Thank you, Tracy!

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