Naturally Clear SkinThis is a wonderful guest post from reader Denise, full of advice and encouragement for your clear skin journey.

Her main message: perfection and an aggressive, prison-like approach to healing just doesn’t work!

An Unexpected Beginning

I’d been living with adult acne for over 7 years. It has taught me a lot about the importance of taking care of my body and to live my life to the fullest.

Today I’m totally acne-free but as any other woman, I can get a small pimple around that time of the month. Being acne free is a big dream coming true and a huge goal that I strove for over a loooong time.

My acne story began when I unexpectedly started to get a lot of pimples around my early 20s. You should know that I didn’t suffer from acne AT ALL during my teenage years so this was quite a shocker for me.

I immediately felt how the pimples affected my self-esteem and I wanted them gone as soon as possible.

I tried contraceptives, didn’t work.

I tried the mild versions of antibiotics but those really messed up my body.

I also started to see a dermatologist but I very soon lost all faith in them because the treatments didn’t work and this only seemed to harm and scar my already sensitive skin.

After this period of four years, I stopped believing that any clinical doctor could help me with my acne. I had to dig deeper than that.

A Wake-Up Call – Trust Your Gut

After four years of trying out different clinical acne remedies, my body started to speak up.

I didn’t connect my body issues with the outcome of the antibiotics and contraceptives, but that realization that was going to come to the surface much later.

The issues that I had were a very troubled stomach, a typical IBS (that I didn’t have before the antibiotics) and a plate of mood swings from hell that came from skipping periods occasionally.

To skip periods was quite common when I was on contraceptives. Because this is ‘totally ok’ according to midwives in Sweden. I was very naive back then and trusted authority.

One thing led to another, and very soon my health issues started to bug me, as I couldn’t keep a job or go to school because of dizziness and stomach pain.

When I got the doctor’s analysis, they couldn’t see anything wrong with my body. So just in case they prescribed me antidepressants instead of anything else.

This happened every time with different doctors. How lazy can you be as a doctor?? And what a shot in the dark! I was so angry and I felt so unseen.

I decided to take care of my health issues by myself and I was willing to learn everything about my body to get to the root cause. Because the truth was, my health issues kept me from living a thriving life.

Western Medicine VS Holistic Integrative Care

Naturally Clear SkinI started my natural acne-healing journey over night, with a huge support from my partner.

I started to be curious about integrative medicine, so I signed up for holistic nutrition courses during the day and for clinical courses at night.

I wanted a more broad insight to health and I was so hungry to learn all that I could about the body. On weekends I went to whatever lecture I could find that could bring me closer to knowledge.

I was like a sponge, and I have never had such a huge interest in anything else before. I believe that you should pick the best part of both worlds and do whatever favors you the most.

I like Integrative care because it works for the long-term sustainability and it believes in the power of the body’s self-healing.

The Path to Naturally Clear Skin

So, now I had a ton of information and I was still learning new things every day. How could I know which path was right for me into becoming acne free?

I believed that my diet was causing me my acne so I started to try out one diet after another. Just to be safe and to find the right one for me, and I gave every single one my full intention.

I didn’t know that I had to try out so many diets at first; I strongly believed that the one I was trying at the moment was the right one.

First I cut out gluten, dairy, and sugar because that was the first advice I got from a nutritionist I met. My skin improved but not as much as I wanted it to.

I decided to dig even deeper, so I tried the candida cleanse diet which made my skin better, but after 6 months I was so bored out of it so I couldn’t continue any longer.

After the candida diet, I went vegan. After that, I went fully vegan. After I was fully vegan and without any results I decided to try out the most radical one so far which is Apple Island (a diet where you only eat apples and drink spring water for some weeks).

After this one, I knew that this had gone too far. At this time I was devastated. How could my skin still be so bad after only eating whole foods and a plant-based diet?

I also quit using makeup and anything that wasn’t natural on my skin when I went vegan.

I was a maniac with the exercise and pushed myself to limits that weren’t healthy. I even considered putting my own urine on my face.

At this point I was willing to sacrifice my left arm for clear skin, so nothing was too extreme. I was so done with trying new things because nothing seemed to help anyway.

Maybe I had to live with the acne for the rest of my life? This was my biggest fear.

During this period I felt like I was in a prison and this prison was my only way to clear skin. I hated it as much as I loved it because I knew that I was the only person who could ever cure my acne.

I just had to handle it perfectly, but in my head, I didn’t handle it perfectly – so that’s why it didn’t work out.

I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I had more pimples than ever before, and all of this combined made me feel worthless, ugly and depressed.

After I while I realized that this was a deal-breaker for me.

The diet isn’t everything in curing acne, as I first believed. In my head, a healthy lifestyle was to exercise 5-7 times a week and to eat as clean as possible.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Knowledge is Key

Two years had gone by and my courses weren’t as frequent anymore. I had a lot of knowledge and I started to think about making it into a profession.

But I still had so many questions about my own health, so I couldn’t possibly help others quite yet. So I started to follow some major health professionals in Sweden.

I literally sat at their office while they were taking customers and I noted everything down.

The clients mentioned what their health issues were and the consultant gave them advice and I wrote everything down and came to my own conclusions.

I made it a sport to buy lunches for nutritionists, professors and experts within the field so I could quiz them about what might clear my skin without feeling bad.

With these experts’ knowledge and with my own notes from previous diets and thoughts, I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But I didn’t know that this was a beginning of something bigger.

Balance Rather than Discipline

Naturally Clear SkinEverything went so fast from there. It was like when you finally find the right key in a large key chain, and the lock opens up immediately without any trouble.

It was like I finally understood that the body is an eco-system that needs balance rather than discipline. Even now, when I write this down in words I get very emotional about it.

I had to create a schedule for my healing that included self-love and enough sleep.

This was very hard for me because I wanted to train the acne away, or maybe do something drastic like a water fast.

This is the most important part, guys – and one that Tracy also advocates and has inspired me to.

You have to find functional solutions to every part of your life, as a holistic being, to heal your acne once and for all. You can’t beat acne with aggression. You have to be very gentle with yourself ♥

I came to the conclusion that I was longing for self-understanding, self-kindness, and my true self.

I longed for self-love and taking the time to relax, to have fun, to eat what my body needed and doing it mindfully.

I needed to exercise for feeling good rather than sweat the toxins out; I had to find peace within myself, and to sleep enough.

I found the courage to say NO to things and to people that didn’t serve me anymore.

This is true health, guys. Because I’ve never felt better about my body and myself.

My Path to Your Favor

Naturally Clear SkinI started to live as I learned, as an educated holistic nutritionist, with a more gentle approach to my life.

My skin started to clear up. I also started using some supplementation and I started to see some major effects on the surface of my skin.

This is where the magic started to happen. That magic was clear, glowing and healthy skin.

I noticed that this thing that I was doing was helping others as well because I got so curious if my program and supplementation helped others too.

I had both hormonal and digestive acne, which gave me awareness of what broad characteristics acne has.

I didn’t want my suffering and struggle with acne to be in vain so I finally decided what my profession should be.

I had a holistic acne clinic for one year where I helped patients to find their root causes to acne and to clear it out once and for all.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t help as many as I wanted to so I came up with a different idea.

Today I’ve developed a holistic program and an associated herbal drinkable supplement called Skinshot.

Both of these has helped my skin to become what it is today and I’ve created and designed it to be as simple and easy to follow as possible because I know that the path to clear skin can be both tricky and protracted.

The supplement is so good that we’ve got plans to kick big pharma in the ass with it! I’m doing the best that I can to promote it and make it into stores such as dermatologist salons.

Several countries have opened up their eyes to Skinshot and the associated e-book, and that is because it works.

If you’re interested to know more about the concept, please head to the website:

And follow us and our community on Instagram at @theskinshot

With love,