Cauliflower? Nope, kefir grains – ie. little balls of bacterial joy

Hi Tracy,

After reading your book I got myself some kefir grains & I must say digestion is great! How often to you have kefir? Every day or other? I’m deciding wether I have it everyday & if I dont, what do I do with the kefir grains? Do I keep in the fridge & how long can I leave them b4 they go bad?

Thanks Tracy.

Hi there!

I used to have kefir every day when I made the video about it… if you don’t want to make it every day, you just have to make sure that the kefir grains have something to eat… so keep them in the fridge in a bit of milk and they will stay good for a long time. The cold temperature in the fridge will slow fermentation right down.

I can’t remember what happened to my kefir grains exactly… I didn’t do this, or just left them too long without milk, and they died I guess :/ I definitely should have looked after them better.

Then I moved to Australia and I haven’t had any kefir in a long time, but I can tell my digestion could totally use it!! I keep learning more and more about kefir and just how AMAZING it is… like 20 times more powerful than any store bought probiotic pill. And SO much cheaper. I think I may order some more grains and be more vigilant about keeping them alive. 

Also if you make some kefir and don’t want to use it right away, or you want to make larger batches of kefir so you don’t have to make it every day, once it’s fermented just move the whole thing with the kefir grains into the fridge, and since fermentation is so slow in there, you can use it at your leisure and then make a new batch. Apparently even a tablespoon per day is akin to huge benefits!

Hi Tracy!

I found your website today and I have really enjoyed reading everything and im excited to get started on changing my diet and trying new things.

I had a question that I have not really been able to find anything about on the website yet and i wanted to know your take on it. I have a pretty bad case of Eczema on my face as well as acne. Having both of these prevents me from being able to treat either one with any type of medicine and I really just dont like medicine anyways!

I recently have been reading about “Alkaline Water”. I have read great things about it but it seems a little too good to be true for me. The machines are quite pricy running around $2,000 dollars generally. I know things work differently for everyone but whats your take on this so called “Magic Water”?

Thanks a ton!!! =]

Hi there!

Well, I hadn’t really read anything about it and you just brought it to my attention now…. so I looked it up, and it sounds like the benefit is that it will neutralize acids in the body and keep your body at a more neutral PH. That sounds legit and that it could definitely be beneficial.

However, I’m all about doing things on a budget and in a reasonable way…. and a holistic way. The problem is that many people will pay a lot of money for something like this, and expect it to work miracles, but if they don’t change their diet or lifestyle otherwise, it’s likely not to really do much in the long run. It’s the same thing with random health supplements and what not (ie. buying some supplement that sounds like it’s AMAZING, but relying solely on that for results. Usually ends in disappointment. Or it works for a while and just stops working.)

I’m not saying that is your intention! I’m just saying that you should improve your lifestyle first without spending a lot of money on anything fancy in particular, and then if you finding that you feel really good and are going to stick with healthy living for life, and if you really really really want this machine and you really think it would be a great thing to supplement your healthy lifestyle with, then do it.

For example, I really, really want to have a Vitamix high speed blender. Yes, this is a $500 blender… do I need it? No. I’ve done just fine so far without one. Do I want it? Yes, because I think it would make life a little easier, last me for years and years, and give me more creativity in the kitchen. Plus I’ve proved to myself that I actually really do use my regular blender and that it’s not just a fad… so I think that I could give myself permission to have a Vitamix now.

I’m just saying….. don’t get wrapped up in any miracle. You know what they say… if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You don’t need miracles, you just need to take action and improve your lifestyle at the basic level before you go spending $2000 on anything.

Hi Tracy,

I bought your book and i’m pretty excited about it. But i have one doubt and i really need your opinion. I have moderate acne and i’m in a birth control pill for 3 years now.

I know that your advise is to quit the pill but the problem is that its a very strong pill and for what i research when someone tries to quit that pill a severe acne may appear. So i thought that maybe its better if i start with your tips in diet and exercise and then soon as i feel better, i can quit the pill and maybe the results wouldn’t be that bad. What do you think  about that? It exists some kind of supplement that also could help me to not suffer the severe consequences of living the pill?

Thank you

Hi there!

Thank you for purchasing the book 🙂 I’m glad you liked it.

I would definitely advise that to get your health and lifestyle up so that when you quit, your body can weather the storm better. Also, women tend to have good success with the herb Vitex when coming off birth control pills, so you should research that and see if it might be right for you.

Click here for a video where I talk about acne when coming off the birth control pill.

And here’s a video about a girl who had ended up with acne every time she tried to quit birth control, and then she found a way to wean herself off it and successfully avoided the post BCP breakouts.

Lots of love,
Tracy xo

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