How to Get rid of Hormonal Acne on the Chin

For years, hormonal acne on my chin was the most frustrating, stubborn acne on my face.

Hormonal acne on chin
Me way back when, having fun with my hormonal chin acne that makeup could not contain. I didn’t really wear hats like that, btw.

You probably know what I’m talking about … stubborn pimples that don’t respond completely to external skin care or a diet improvement. They come and go throughout the month to torment you.

And believe me, they definitely tormented me into more than a few tears!

For me, the improvement of my hormonal chin acne came in layers. The addition of each of these things reduced the acne, until these days I don’t get any zits on my chin all month! Not a single lick of makeup required!

Pretty much a dream come true, tbh.

To be clear, this is what worked for me. But everyone is different, so there is no guarantee here. I hope it can help you get some relief though.

General Lifestyle Improvement

Acne candida food

For me, this was the first layer. Reduce sugar, dairy and processed foods in the diet. Get better more consistent sleep. Exercise regularly. Watch the stress.

This took the hormonal acne on my chin from being a complete explosion down to, well, a lesser explosion.

Candida Cleanse and Probiotics

The next layer for me was doing a candida cleanse and incorporating probiotics. Working on healing your gut reduces inflammation and stress throughout the body and skin.

For me, this got rid of those big nodules, and cysts pretty much completely!

So that was purrddy geewwwddd.

Estroblock (aka DIM aka Di-indolemethylene)

After candida cleansing helped me get rid of the big stuff, I was stuck with a very frustrating pattern of acne.

For a good chunk of the month I’d be pretty much clear (maybe one small one here or there), and then inevitably I’d break out in a cluster of four or five smallish red pimples for a week or two.

It wasn’t severe or anything but it was enough that I wasn’t okay with it. And it took me a long time to figure out what would fix it.

Then I stumbled across Estroblock and fell in love!!!!

This took me down to maybe one or two small ones in a month and very occasionally a medium one. Luckily, they wouldn’t all show up at once, and they’d usually go away extremely quickly after their appearance.

Not 100% perfect, but minimal enough that it wasn’t really a problem and I was totally stoked!

And so my search kind of ended there. I was happy enough with my skin.

But Then…. I Found Astaxanthin!

Astaxanthin is a very strong antioxidant supplement that people take for anti-aging effects and sun protection (including a host of other benefits).

There is almost no literature or discussion about this as an acne treatment, and I did not start taking it for that reason.

But lo and behold, ever since I started taking it, my skin, and especially the skin on my chin has been EPIC. Like honestly the best it’s ever been in my life.

I mean like not a single pimple of any noteworthiness in the four months since I started taking it.

And obviously that includes going through several menstrual cycles.

That was the only thing that changed in my routine and so I can only assume it’s the axasanthin.

I was not expecting this, but all I can say is that I am IMPRESSED!

Plus, as I said, it protects you from the sun and makes you look younger. So hells yeah to that.

The Fastest Way to Get Rid of Hormonal Acne On the Chin

Again, there are many nuances to treating hormonal acne and just because this was my path to success doesn’t mean it will be exactly the same for you. Getting rid of acne will always require a little trial and error.

However, using a proven system and the wisdom of someone who’s been there, done it all, when it comes to acne can cut down your time to success significantly!

Check out my Naturally Clear Skin Academy if you want to stop struggling and get rid of hormonal acne as fast as humanly possible. (Who doesn’t want that?)

What has worked for you to get rid of the hormonal acne on your chin?