Health Coach

Hi friend! 🙂

I just got back from a health coaching conference in Dallas, Texas this past weekend! What a high.

Health coachingI had never done the conference thing before but man, I had never been in such an incredible group of heart-open people who are about to change the world for the better.

It was really amazing and I’m so glad I went!

Speaking of which…

A few weeks back, I told you about how I was taking some courses in preparation for offering one-on-one acne services.

One of them is a health coaching course which is why I went to said conference.

When You Don’t Know What to Do and Feel Overwhelmed

See, I’m planning two parts to my services – one is the nuts and bolts part. This is where we address the question of ‘WHY AM I BREAKING OUT!??’

I go over your history and your unique story and we likely do some lab testing. And we unravel the mystery of what’s really going on in there that’s leading to the skin breakouts.

I give you my diet, lifestyle, and skin care recommendations and off you go and implement them and live happily ever after.

Sounds great, except it’s not that easy is it?

When You Know What to Do But…

Have you ever known what to you need to do with your health or your life?

Maybe you know that ditching sugar is the answer. Or that deep diving into healing stress and emotional traumas of your past is what will really lead to the changes you want.

But you just aren’t doing it for one reason or another?

You’ve got the vague kind of goal, and a sort of plan, and you perhaps you’ve honestly tried but just can’t seem to stick with it?

You always just run into these roadblocks that throw you off course, no matter what.

Maybe you end up binging all the time.

Or maybe you avoid working on self love or your emotional health like the plague even though you have the best of intentions.

Or an old classic: you can’t keep your hands away from picking and squeezing everything in sight no matter what you do.

Or you just feel too overwhelmed with everything and just give up.

And you just find yourself back in the same miserable place over and over again.

Not happy with your skin. Not happy with your life.

Knowing there is something more and better out there for you.

Well this is where the coaching comes in.

We Unstick You From that Stuck Feeling

This is where we deconstruct where you’re getting stuck. We figure out what’s behind the derails and the non-action.

Which patterns, habits, and beliefs are leading you to a place where you are not finding the success you want?

We figure this out together… I am a detective and a partner in your transformation, there to serve you where you need it.

We identify and break down the old habits, and replace them with new thoughts, patterns, and behaviours that DO lead you to where you want to be (and the skin you always wanted, without it being so freakin’ hard to stick with it).

It is powerful work and I am exciiiitted to bring it to you. Still working on it but it’s coming soon. <3