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Know why I named my website The Love Vitamin?

Because self love is often the missing nutrient that we need in order to really get to the other side of acne, accelerate our skin’s healing, and supercharge our health.

It’s the thing that’s missing when we’re fearing and obsessing over our diets, buying endless skin care products, waging war against our skin with our acne weapons of choice.

When I was in the throes of my own acne battle and terrified about food and terrified of my skin breaking out, I recognized that I was missing this element. And I was drawn to choosing the name.

Over the last seven years since I started The Love Vitamin, my understanding of the mind-body connection has grown substantially through research and the experiences of both me and my clients.

And still the name stands — there’s just no way to overstate how important vitamin L is to our healing.

Put Down the Acne Weapons and Pick Up the Self Love

The deep down reason we so badly want to get rid of acne is so that we can feel unconditional love and acceptance.

We feel that clear skin is the only possible means to that end, as no one would ever love or respect us looking the way we do.

On the opposite coin, the thing we fear most is abandonment, ridicule, and rejection, which we think acne will bring us.

Yet every day, originating in our own minds, we are denying ourselves the love and nourishment that we badly desire and heap ridicule and criticism on ourselves over and over again.

That is really stressful. Imagine being strapped to someone who continuously pressures you, criticizes you, and ignores your needs.

That stress affects your hormones, it affects your immune system, and it directly affects the way your skin functions. Your pores literally constrict on themselves under fight or flight, creating redness, inflammation, and stagnation.

So let’s turn this baby around!

You have the power right now to be the most healing force in your skin’s transformation.

You can give yourself everything you desire right now, without waiting for someone else to do it. And the byproduct is that your skin will soon reflect that connection you feel on the inside.

I see this ALL the time. My clients who truly embrace the mind-body connection in their healing are the ones who accelerate their skin forward.

Because our minds and our bodies are not separate. What is happening with our physical health is often a direct reflection of what’s happening in our emotional world.

Understand that, and you are well on your way to your clearest skin and your happiest life.

Self love acne

How to Make Self Love A Daily Habit

Now, talking about it is one thing, and actually doing it is another.

How do you bring self love into your life on the daily?

Check in with Yourself

Most of us don’t really want to feel our feelings. Which makes sense, because they can be pretty painful sometimes.

But doesn’t it feel good having someone who loves you check in on you when you’re down to say “hey gurl, what’s up? How are you feeling about all this?”

A HUGE practice of self love is to check in with yourself regularly throughout the day and simply ask yourself “How am I feeling right now?” and tune into your body’s sensations.

Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you’re feeling, even if it’s difficult. Acknowledging it, feeling it, and allowing it to pass is a healthy way to process emotions.

One of the biggest sources of psychological (which translates into physical) stress is if we didn’t have anyone to truly listen to us and validate our emotions when we were kids.

So checking in with our own emotions not only fills that need for love in the present, but it allows you to see that emotions are just transient sensations that will pass.

This awareness will help you to avoid doing reactive things to make those emotions go away — like picking your skin, canceling your plans, restricting your diet even more, trying new skin care every other week, binge eating, or numbing out with TV or work.

Which, I’m sure you know, that stuff may temporarily give relief but it never makes the pain go away in the long run and often causes more stress.

Dedicate At Least 30 Minutes Per Day to You Time

What makes your heart sing? What fills you up? What do you love to do?

Many of us don’t make ourselves a priority in our busy lives. Everything else and everyone else is more important than having a bit of dedicated “me” time every day.

So schedule it into your day to give yourself some time to do something that is just for you.

It could be doing some art, some gardening, having a bath, talking to a friend, watching your favourite show, doing yoga, doing some knitting, going for a run, listening to your favourite music, having a solo dance party, meditating, or whatever it is that really nourishes you and only you.

Acne self love

Spend Five Minutes Before Bed Appreciating Yourself

I suggest getting a small journal or note pad to put beside your bed and at night, write down a quick three or four things that you appreciate about yourself.

This can take some creativity, but it literally only takes two minutes and it’s a super way to strengthen your self love muscle — and make you realize — you’re actually pretty awesome!


  • An accomplishment big or small you are proud of from the day (ex. I finally cleaned out my messy desk drawer)
  • A part of your personality you like and/or are proud of (ex. I love my sense of humour)
  • A part of your body you appreciate or like (ex. I appreciate my skin for holding in my guts!)

Affirm It

Don’t quite believe you’re worthy of this sort of love and effort?

Repeat the following to yourself over and over. The more you hear something, the more you will believe it until it actually becomes true for you.

Repeat this affirmation to yourself with patience and compassion:

“I love you and you are worth my time and energy” 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Love Vitamins! What act of self love will you be showing yourself today?