How to make acne go away naturally

I was both shocked and intrigued the day I found out I could make my acne go away naturally, by using a combination of diet, mindset, natural supplements, and natural skin care ingredients.

I was struggling with acne all over my face and cysts on my chin, and at that point in time, I had absolutely no idea that something other than benzoyl peroxide or the latest development from the dermatologist could heal my skin.

How to make acne go away naturally
This was me, remember

But hey, the typical stuff didn’t seem to be working and I was desperate. So I was pretty much willing to try anything.

And you know what — after putting it to the test, I was even more astounded that clearing my skin naturally was more effective than anything I had ever tried before.

And of course, since then I’ve seen it a thousand times over with my clients.

Making acne go away naturally WORKS.

And it just makes sense.

After all, your skin is an organ, and organs are part of your body. They are made of cells, tissues, blood vessels, and water. They are serviced by hormones and nutrients.

If an organ in your body is not functioning correctly, it’s because it is not getting something it needs… when our body doesn’t get everything it needs to function correctly, symptoms start to show up.

Acne is a symptom, and this is essentially what’s happening when your skin breaks out.

Making Your Acne Go Away Naturally

How to make acne go away naturally

Acne is a symptom of a deeper imbalance.

This is why ‘band-aid’ treatments like antibiotics, acne creams, face washes, extractions, birth control pills, even Accutane, will never really clear up your skin for good.

They might temporarily suppress acne, but the root cause of why you are getting the acne is not resolved. So you can always expect it’s going to come back.

Not to mention that even if these things do stop acne itself, they often leave your skin dull, red, blotchy, flakey. Just not good. Or have a ton of unwanted side effects.

On the other hand, making your acne go away naturally is a completely different story.

It’s not even, in fact, anything about “making” your acne go away.

It’s about supporting your body with what it was missing. Love. Nutrients. Rest.

That’s an important mindset shift right there.

When our bodies have all those things, they naturally come back into balance and possess this innate ability to heal. After all, a cut on your finger heals, doesn’t it?

Your body can heal your acne. And when you support your body naturally, it makes way for skin that is truly radiant, because it’s truly healthy. It’s not just a matter of your skin being beaten into submission.

So what are the top ways to naturally treat acne?

Clean Up Your Diet to Make Acne Go Away Naturally

How to make acne go away naturally with diet

Diet is often where people start in order to make their acne go away naturally. And there is no question that it often helps a great deal. I know it’s helped in my skin’s transformation.

For acne I strongly recommended eating a varied, and nutrient rich whole foods diet to support your body. And drinking lots of water.

Things to reduce or avoid in particular include refined carbs, sugar, and dairy.

With acne, keeping your blood sugar levels relatively stable is very important.

So your habits are important here too — ensuring to not under-eat or over-eat, keep regular meal times (no skipping meals), and give yourself enough time to eat without feeling overly rushed.

However, not gonna lie — diets for acne kind of piss me off. I see way too many people nearly give themselves eating disorders trying to control their food to a T in order to heal their skin. Which I do not support.

I used to be like this, and whether I had acne or not, this kind of diet restriction and control left me miserable.

Eating a health and skin supportive diet should not be painful, miserable, overly strict, or like it’s ruining your life. That is counter productive to healing, because…

Learn to Relax and Stress Less to Make Acne Go Away Naturally

How to make acne go away naturally by relaxing more

The most important part of healing your acne naturally is getting your body out of “fight or flight” mode and into relax mode.

Relax mode certainly does mean plenty of sleep and time to relax with a cup of tea. Both important.

But it also means learning to deal with mental and emotional stress in a healthier way.

When fear is engulfing you with every step, it’s very difficult for your body to heal.

Stress affects so much more than we think — when we are in stress mode constantly, it messes with your hormones, your digestion, and directly with your skin.

So as you can see, stressing about a perfect diet is not really helping. Whatever you were gaining by being “perfect” is setting you back with stress.

I know it’s not as easy as just “stop worrying”. It’s complicated, I know, but there are actually very simple things you can do to learn to express and deal with your emotions in a more healthy way.

Examples include:

  • Consistently breathing more deeply throughout the day
  • Really feeling and listening to our emotions and perhaps journaling them out
  • Listening to our thoughts and noticing what kind of disempowering fear-based things we are telling ourselves daily — and then changing those thoughts to more supportive ones.

Also letting go of the perfectionism. Letting go of the pressure on yourself to be better than you are. That shit is stress city.

Choose to focus your time not on what you hate about yourself, but instead on what you love to do, who you love to be with, and what you are grateful for in your life.

This takes a lot of stress off of you, and ironically when you aren’t so focused on your skin, it tends to clear up a lot faster.

Now, I know this can be a leap for some folks — it’s difficult to believe the emotional stress part is really that important (even more so than diet), but I’m telling you it is.

If you don’t believe me, just ask yourself what was happening in your life and emotional world the last time your acne had a big flare up.

I see it over and over and over again with my clients, that when they take this part more seriously, that’s when their skin begins to really change for the better.

Using Natural Skin Care to Make Acne Go Away Naturally

How to make acne go away naturally by using natural skin care

The next step to making your acne go away naturally is by ditching the chemical, pore clogging skin care products and makeup.

Even if a product claims to be non-comedogenic, most of the ingredients in conventional products are damaging to the skin at worst, and plain useless at best.

You can think of this part similar to the diet thing — sure you can get by with eating a diet that has no nutrients and is full of fake ingredients. You won’t immediately die or anything.

But it’s not going to optimally support your body’s full functioning. You won’t feel as vibrant, you’ll lack energy, you’ll probably experience health symptoms.

It’s the same with your skin. You want healthy vibrant skin, then it needs to be fed with healthy, nutrient rich skin care to support it’s most optimal functioning.

Things like honey, aloe vera, and skin care oils are super healing and supportive for clear skin. And there are plenty of good natural makeup options out there.

This should be pretty simple, but it’s not always so — when your skin has become used to the abuse of conventional products, it often doesn’t know how to react to natural skin care.

For this reason, sometimes people switch to natural skin care, have a bad experience, and think it doesn’t work for them.

In fact, the problem is not the ingredients, it’s the skin’s current state which determines the ability of the skin to accept and utilize them.

There’s a very specific way to go about the switch, depending on what stage your skin is in. You’ll have to be more cautious if you have very sensitive, scared skin.

But once you’re on the other side of these “growing pains”, your skin will be better than ever.

Using Supplements to Make Acne Go Away Naturally

How to make acne go away naturally by using natural supplements

Using natural supplements is another useful thing to help support your body re-balance itself and reinstate its ability to heal your skin from acne.

Unlike acne drugs, they are usually gentler, more supportive, and without side effects.

I have had great success with supplements for my acne like probiotics, DIM, liver support herbs, and astaxanthin.

However, everyone is very unique, and what supplements will work for you depends on your body’s unique imbalances. That’s why what works for one person may not work for you.

It’s also worth reminding that you can’t necessarily supplement your acne away. Supplements are supplements — they help, but often don’t work miracles if you aren’t also working on your diet, stress, and skin care.

You Can Make Your Acne Go Away Naturally

Acne is a completely miserable experience.

Like you’d be willing to wear a bag over your head for the rest of your life if only it was socially acceptable.

I know because I’ve been there.

It’s embarrassing, frustrating, and often downright devastating.

But you can heal your skin.

And you can do it in a health supporting way, paving the way for skin that is naturally clear, naturally healthy, and more radiant than it could ever be on any acne creams or pills.

Want Tracy’s help to clear your skin? Check out the Naturally Clear Skin Academy. And stay tuned for big Love Vitamin updates coming soon.