Some of you long time Love Vitamin fans may remember WAAAY back when I made a video about “The No Shampoo Method“.

In that video, I described why people all over the world are choosing to shun commercial shampoos.

The reason is because conventional shampoo and chemicals actually harm your hair a lot more than they help (hey… kinda like your skin too?). Many people who have ditched shampoo have ended up with glorious, healthy, bouncing locks as a result… unlike the greasy, limp mess that they used to deal with when using conventional shampoo.

Since I already don’t really wash my hair (partly due to the fact that washing my dreadlocks is a huge pain, and partly just because my head doesn’t get greasy at all anymore since I began phasing shampoo out), I employed my normal-haired boyfriend to carry the torch and do the experiment.

In the video below, I describe how the experiment went and what we found. I also let you know how he washes his hair now:


By the way, here is a great instructional article that I found on exactly how to do the “no poo” method.

Anyway, here’s what Luke’s hair used to look like pretty much the next day after washing with conventional shampoo, and what his hair looked like for about two months during the no shampoo experiment:


And here’s what his hair looks like now with just the baking soda. As you can see… a LOT better. It stays this way for 3 or 4 days after washing and actually doesn’t ever seem to get nearly as greasy as it used to. No shampoo experiment = SUCCESS.

Have you ditched shampoo yet? Has my boyfriend’s head convinced you to?

photo by JamesDPhotography