What the heck is a menstrual cup?

*guys you can cover your ears*

Well, my friend, it’s a more cost effective, safer, and more convenient form of period protection than either tampons or pads. I’ve had a menstrual cup – The Diva Cup specifically – for about 6 or 7 years now. Do you know how much I’ve saved on tampons over the years?!

When I first got mine, they weren’t very common, but I think they are becoming more and more popular as times goes and new brands are coming out all the time (Keeper, Lunette, Femmecup, etc… all basically the same).

Have you heard of them or have one yourself? If not, have a watch of this video where I explain why I love mine and why you should consider picking one up:


Note that there are two models of the diva cup. One is for people under 30 who have never given birth. And one is for women over thirty or people who have given birth.

Do you use a menstrual cup? If not, are you interested in making the switch?

photo by greencolander