Krista Before and After

Hi, my name is Krista and I am a recovered acne sufferer after a 5 year battle.

I have tried for months to bring myself to writing this story. The emotional well is so deep when it comes to my health and skin. But I am getting out the bucket and doing it anyway in order to help all of you!

My skin issues resulted from systemic yeast (candida) overgrowth caused by antibiotics – internal and topical – which threw off my digestion, liver, and hormones.

(Note that candida overgrowth can be caused by birth control, steroids, and high sugar diet as well).

These organs were struggling to work properly, and in turn became symptomatic in my skin.

My face was covered with red, itchy, irritated whiteheads and cystic acne. My self-esteem took a major hit and I suffered emotionally as well as physically. On top of my skin, I had IBS, blurry vision, brain fog, sleep problems, bloating, etc.

I was so frustrated because I had a Masters degree in Public Health, but couldn’t even begin to guess what was causing severe acne at 26. I went to doctors but they just wanted to put me on Accutane and Xanax.

I wanted to know what was wrong with me! I wanted to know the CAUSE!

So I went online and I found the Love Vitamin.

It opened my eyes to the truth of skin problems and alternative and holistic health (sadly something my school did not teach 10 years ago and I hope they do now).

It isn’t just “dirty and oily skin”, it often stems from deeper physical and emotional issues.

Over the past half a decade, I learned about toxicity of hygiene products, hormonal imbalances, and the impact of stress and our diets through Tracy, naturopathic doctors, and chiropractors.

Yes, acne is not fun and we want it gone, but what is more important is getting rid of the health problems and in turn the acne will go away too!

I am going to share with you what worked for me!

My Top 5 Acne Game Changers

Diet and Exercise

I will not believe anyone anymore who says that acne doesn’t come from your diet. It might not be direct, but there IS an indirect cause at the very least.

Sugar feeds candida which overwhelms the liver forcing the skin to detox the body and it throws off hormones which impact stress, moods, depression, etc.

We need to have a clean diet in order to have clean skin. As someone who developed an allergy to sugar, there are definitely ways to still have “treats” through honey, almond flour, coconut milk, etc.

And being active! It is an amazing stress reliever which we all know impacts our skin.

Chemical Detoxifying

This is HUGE. We are exposed to 300+ chemicals a DAY between hygiene products, cleaners, makeup, toothpaste, candles, and face creams promising perfect skin (but in the end only give chemical burn).

Not only do these contribute to acne but also cancer, ADHD, infertility, and much much more.

I began the Caveman Regimen and still don’t formally wash my face. I only use mixtures of aloe, oils, and witch hazel for makeup removing (clean makeup!), post-sweat session at the gym, and daily moisturizing.

I limited my exposure by switching to all clean products in my home.

All of this has made a huge difference in my skin, but I am comforted by the protection from other diseases that I may be giving to my family as well.

Spinal Alignments

Chiropractic care has been an insane immune booster for me. I always thought of it as something for those with bone and joint pain only, but those things surround your very precious nervous system! If it is “kinked” out (and it can happen without pain), things don’t flow well including messages from the immune system. I go once a month to stay in check because posture, stress, and exercise can cause misalignments.

Oral Health

If you have root canals, get it changed NOW!

I had one for 10 years and a holistic doctor made me switch to a bridge. I had no pain, but when they took out the hidden dead tooth it was infected and had a cyst.

Once my immune system was freed from fighting the impending infection in my mouth, it had the chance to work on the rest of my body that was impacting my skin!

Plus flossing and drinking a lot of water is so pivotal as well. A lot of bacteria lives in the mouth and it is RIGHT there on the face ready to impact the skin surrounding it.

Essential Oils and Supplements (the BEST for last!)

I found Young Living almost 2 years ago and I wish I found it sooner! It got me from about 60% to 100% skin!!

I swapped out all my supplements from doctors and very importantly started using essential oils on the skin.

Some on my face to heal scars, redness, existing pimples. Some to boost my immunity and balance my hormones to prevent new skin issues from arising.

It has been my home stretch and I will be using these products the rest of my life to continue to keep my skin clear as well as my body safe.

I could go on and on about chemical toxicity and alternatives, but maybe that can be in a separate guest post if Tracy invites me back!

I have helped many in my personal life and now it’s time to help those of you who also found and fell in love with the Love Vitamin.

I am happy to talk to anyone who wants to reach out to my email and help you get on the same road to recovery! You are not alone. I see you and I am here for you.

Much love,

How to get in touch with Krista:

Email her
Through her website (she’s a Young Living Health Mentor/Coach)