Nothing drives me crazier than bad chopping knives.


‘Cause it makes cooking a pain in the arse! I don’t blame anyone for hating food prep if they have a bad knife and don’t know how to chop efficiently… which in my experience is most people! But most people simply do not realize what they’re missing out on.

I’m pretty passionate about this topic… I bring my beloved chopping knife everywhere because I realize just how much easier it makes my life. Plus – NO ONE I visit ever seems to have a good knife (except my mom hehe) so I am forced to bring my own.

Do yourself a favour and get a good knife. You can get ones that do the job well and aren’t even expensive. However, it is really important that you choose the right shape of knife, or you’re still up the creek. Sharpness, while important, is definitely not the most important factor – it’s all in the shape!

Do yourself a favour – watch the video below to find out what sort of knife to buy and how to chop your food properly for efficiency and grace!


Clarification on the chopping technique:

The tip of the knife stays on the cutting board the entire time and simply slides and back forth as the back part goes up and down. It’s very fluid when you’re going fast enough (it is important that your knife is sharp while chopping like this so that it cuts through the food and doesn’t bounce off and cut your fingers).

This technique is awkward at first and you will surely be resistant to the change, but I swear it’s so much easier and faster once you get the hang of it.

Do you have a good knife? If not, do you hate chopping? Do you chop the slow way?

photo by BobPetUK