So, I just bought my very first bulk delivery of healthy grass fed beef straight from a nearby farm, which I’m super excited about. They also gave me the organ meats and soup bones for only ten bucks. I made a big pot of mineral rich bone broth yesterday and after it had simmered for 24 hours, I ate the bone marrow out of the bones. And today I had my very first ‘raw liver shot’ (swallowing raw liver out of a shotglass).

Grossed out yet?

I fully believe that naturally raised, healthy, unadulterated animal products are incredibly nutrient dense. I believe they are what humans have been eating since the dawn of time and therefore what we should be eating now. I believe that important fat soluble vitamins such as A,D,E and K, Essential Fatty Acids, and certain minerals are most available to humans from pastured eggs, grass fed animals and particularly their organs, wild fish and seafood, and raw milk and butter. I believe many of these particular nutrients are vital for healthy skin. Every day I become more convinced of this.

I say that ‘I believe’ this to be true, because frankly I don’t think anyone really knows the ultimate truths about nutrition – or life for that matter. Most of what we believe about life is just an illusion anyway.

So the best I can say on the matter is that I believe this to be true because I feel I have done a lot of research, looked at both sides, been on both sides, and what I believe about nutrition now makes perfect logical sense to me and at this point, I won’t be convinced away from the healthfulness of natural animal products by anyone who cares to argue me on it (please don’t tell me to read the China Study, I have, and it’s not going to work).

However, I realize lots of other people don’t believe this to be true about meat and animal products being nutritious and health beneficial. And even if they do believe it, some people, including a lot of my readers, may still have strong objections to the eating of meat due to spiritual, ethical, or just squeamish reasons.

And this is where I am getting a bit hung up. 

I am a person with beliefs and views and actions and a path which will never be the same as everyone else’s. Hey – I’m fine with that. But because I am a person with a path AND a blog, I kind of have to make a choice. I want to talk about eating meat and animal products (I mean, in addition to vegetables and plant based foods) because it’s what I am experiencing. I want to talk about everything that they do on traditional foods and paleo blogs, because that is the kind of stuff I love reading about and am experimenting with every day – buying bulk meat from farms, making bone broth, eating organ meats. I want to share my experiences with you! In detail! Because I think these things could help you be healthy and get rid of your acne!

But I’m kind of hesitant to begin talking about this stuff in graphic detail because for one, the principle topic of my blog is acne, not traditional foods or the paleo diet. Obviously vegans and vegetarians aren’t going to frequent those kinds of blogs because they don’t eat meat, but everyone gets acne, including vegetarians and vegans, so I don’t want to go around alienating anyone and making them feel unwelcome by spouting off about dead animals all the time.

The incident that spurred me to write this post was that right after I got my delivery of beef, I decided I should make a video to show you how much meat I got for my money, and what it might look like if you were to order a bulk batch of grass fed. If it were me, I’d find that video extremely interesting.

Anyway, I made the video, but then I thought…. ‘should I post this?’

Talking about meat in an off hand kind of way is one thing, but here I was showing you my pile of raw meat, and I thought… is this going to be too ‘in the face’ of my vegetarian readers?

So then I thought… well maybe I’ll just write a long article about how to buy grass fed beef from a farm and ask at the end if you wanted to see the video, but then in the article, I found myself talking about dead cow carcasses and stuff and I still was like…. .. alright……….. this still might be too much.

I feel it’s a tough spot to be in – I respect everyone’s right to believe and do whatever they want to. I’m never going to tell anyone that I am 100% right and that they have to do exactly what I do. I completely accept that everything that I think is not necessarily the truth, it’s just my opinion, and everyone’s got one of those – I fully respect your right to have yours.

But I also don’t want to censor myself on what I think and do in order to please everyone (because we all know you can’t please everyone). In fact, I kind of WANT to shock some of you just for fun… I mean, I’m pretty sure most regular meat eaters are still going to be grossed out by the idea of chucking down some raw liver, but maybe over time, you’ll warm up to the idea and realize how much it could benefit you (yes it’s gross, but raw grass fed liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the entire planet, so get over it).

In the end, I feel I have good reasons to believe that eating local, humanely raised meat from small mixed farms is nutritious, ethical, environmentally sound, and yes, and even quite spiritually sound (obviously spirituality is a very individual thing though). Many, many people’s opinions differ from mine here, so, yes, I’m probably going to get yelled at for making statements like that. However, explaining what I think about all that would definitely need it’s own post. I’ll write it if you want me to.

So while I feel fairly secure and backed up in my stance on the issue of humane meat eating, I suppose the part that makes me feel guilty about all this is that 90% of meat eaters don’t eat local, humanely raised meat and animal products, so the question is – is it really right to recommend meat at all if I know that most people are going to eat meat but not eat local, humane meat?

And the truth is that what makes me feel the guiltiest and most hesitant of all to talk the meat talk is always an ego one, to be sure – I don’t yet eat the best, most ethical meat 100% of the time either, although I am slowly but surely making my way toward that one step at at a time.

Anyway. What do you think? Are you a vegetarian or a meat eater? Do you care what I write or show you on videos, or do you just read my blog to get my opinion, and therefore welcome everything? Would you be put off by me talking about meat a lot?

photo by cchdoh1