The other day, I came across the following website when I was googling how to, oddly enough, get my beef broth to turn to gelatin. It’s a well written blog by a woman named Melissa and it’s primarily about cellulite:

The Cellulite Investigation

Now I am lucky that I do not suffer from cellulite, but I’m sure many of my readers do… it’s a common problem! And I’m told it’s not only a fat person’s issue or a middle aged issue, but that thin, teenagers suffer from cellulite all the time!

Why Is That?

Because much like acne, cellulite is caused by diet and lifestyle, and the worse our lifestyles become, the more people are suffering. Melissa seems to have many of the same ideas about treating cellulite that I do about treating acne – including specifics like making bone broth, shunning bad fats, and looking for allergies.

However, something incredibly interesting that I also found on her blog was a section about acne and a specific condition that she found out she had that was giving her cystic acne around her mouth. I was obviously incredibly intrigued since I had never heard of this!

It’s Called Fluoroderma

So, you’ve heard of fluoride, right? That stuff they give you at the dentist to prevent tooth decay? It’s that stuff in your toothpaste? Maybe you’ve also heard that a lot of places put it in their city’s water supply in order to prevent cavities.

Anyway, I won’t go into all the dangers of fluoride, but it’s not great. It’s basically a poison they are putting in our waters. Look it up.

Apparently some people can have hyper reactions to fluoride. When it gets into your lymphatic system, it begins to clog it and can come out as acne along those pathways. This is most common around the mouth. If you go to her blog, you can see she had terrible acne around her mouth that looks like what people commonly assume is ‘hormonal acne’.

Anyway, I would really encourage you to go to her blog, and check out her page on fluoride and acne and think about if this could be something that makes sense for you. She has a ton of resources including a quiz to see if fluoride could be causing your acne, and a completely FREE 70 page ebook on how to diagnose and cure acne caused by fluoride exposure. This lady is awesome.

To give you a quick preview of the quiz on her site, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your most severe breakouts around your mouth, neck, and possibly ears?
  • Do your acne flares come and go as you travel?
  • Did you ever take fluoride pills?
  • Do you have dental fluorisis?
  • Have you drank fluoridated water for many years in the past?

I’m still thinking about whether or not my acne could have a fluoride connection. I think not, but then again, my most stubborn acne is by far the acne around my mouth, I do remember taking fluoride pills as a child, and my teeth do show signs of dental fluorisis on certain days. I am definitely going to be looking further into it for myself.

Anyway… VISIT HER SITE! Melissa is an expert on identifying and treating fluoroderma, so head on over there.

And for my last word – even if you don’t think fluoride is causing your acne, I would HIGHLY suggest that you ditch any toothpaste that contains fluoride and go to something natural. I’d also encourage you to find out whether your town or city fluoridates their water, and if so, make sure you are not drinking that water (get spring water from the store, or even better, find a wild spring).

What do you think about this? Did you check out her site and her discoveries about fluoroderma?

photo by benjamin A smith