Meditation is a powerful tool, no doubt about it. In fact, it’s such an important tool in getting clear that this is the first part of a three article mini-series in which I am going to explore the possibilities with you.

The benefits of meditation make up a very long and comprehensive list. It has an incredibly profound effect on our mind and emotions, which directly affect the body, which directly affect our skin.

If you want to read a list of 100 benefits of meditation, you can check it out here.

I strongly believe that acne is often a physical expression of our deepest sorrows, our feelings of unworthiness, and our limiting beliefs about our selves.

This is why diet alone often will not permanently free you from acne. Sometimes people will try incredibly hard with their diets, and not get the results that they want. Again, they think that nothing works and give up, retreating further into the dungeons of the acne curse.

Even if you do get clear with a strict diet alone, as soon as you bend the rules slightly, you may break out. As a result, you may not have much acne, but acne is still indirectly owning you in the form of this life restricting diet. Your life is filled with strict patterns and routines. Almost all foods outside of your tiny range carry a weighted fear.

Frankly, that is not how I want to live my life. Restricting food beyond reason will not ever truly set you free. I want to eat like a normal, healthy human being, but I do not want to have to stay at home in fear of being forced beyond my will to eat a trace of gluten or a smattering of soy.

I am a spontaneous person. I love travel. I love road trips and camping weekends. What’s the point of being acne free if you still can’t enjoy your life to the fullest? Being clear should not be about restrictions and routines.

It should be about freedom!

But guess what? I don’t think we need to be trapped the way we may think.

If you identify your harmful emotions, work through them, and release them, you will no longer be so sensitive to less than optimal foods. Your system can handle more. Maybe you will finally go over the line to clear skin that had been evading you for so long. If you were already clear, you will be able to stray from a strict routine once in a while with no consequence.

But the best part is that now you can truly enjoy your clear skin and your wonderful, glorious, beautiful life to the fullest – the way it was meant to be lived.

This is what we all want right?

I certainly want my life to be easy, happy, and carefree! Who doesn’t?

Have you ever wondered why the happiest people look so beautiful and vibrant? Or that they live to a ripe old age even though they eat whatever they want?

It’s because they are truly happy. They aren’t bothered by the little things. They have low stress and feel good about themselves.

This is where meditation can help you. It can bring the difficult emotions to the surface so that you can release them. It will raise the bar when it comes to what bothers you and what stresses you out emotionally. Suddenly a couple pimples just won’t matter anymore. As a result, your health will skyrocket and those last few spots will most likely just fade away.

Sounds great right? But what about how boring and frustrating meditation is? Don’t I have to sit like a monk for hours to become zen like Buddha? I don’t have time for that *^%$.

It really doesn’t have to be that way – it turns out that technology has provided us a fast track to nirvana. Stay tuned for my next article, as I will be discussing how to meditate and the different options available for you!

Have you tried meditation? What were your experiences?

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