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How do you actually meditate, exactly? Most people picture someone in a yoga outfit sitting cross legged with their palms up. That or a monk in Tibet sitting for hours on end.

These images are misrepresenting the possibilities. You can meditate for as short or as long as you want, and in any position. And no, you don’t have to wear Lulu Lemons or an orange robe.

The principle behind it is that you are clearing your mind and becoming completely within the present moment. Your thoughts may wander, but that is okay. You are more aware of them. You realize that they are just mere thoughts; they are not part of you and you begin to observe them as an outsider. You become detached from the emotions they may provoke. As you do this and your body becomes relaxed, you begin to tap into different brain waves than you normally use in your waking life. This is where the benefits lie.

The Different Brain Waves

Maybe you’ve heard of the brain waves before – beta, alpha, theta, and delta.

  • Beta is the brain wave you are using as you read this – the state of conscious awareness. You spend most of your waking life in beta.
  • Alpha is the brain wave that you use when you are “in the zone”. It’s associated with higher creativity and super learning. There is increased relaxation and serotonin here.
  • Theta is the threshold of the subconscious mind. It’s associated with the early states of sleep and dreaming. This is where long term memories, creativity, deep spiritual connections and long standing emotions are kept. This is where your mind is capable of profound learning, healing, and growth.
  • Delta is the deepest state of dreamless sleep. These brain waves are very favourable to healing, strengthening of the immune system, rejuvenation, and divine knowledge.


As a practised meditator, you can begin to tap into these deeper brain waves while awake and learn some pretty profound things about yourself… including which emotional problems held in your subconscious are wreaking havoc on your face.

Okay sure, but I’m still not willing to spend hours a day and years of my life to get there.

Besides that, it’s really hard to get past the boring, frustrating part of meditation that you encounter when you first begin exploring it. You don’t really get what’s supposed to happen and you start itching to watch tv or something. I’m still not past this point.

But there is good news. Technology has a solution for everything!

Brain Entrainment Technology

They’ve come up with things called brain entrainment tracks. Basically, you listen to one of these soundtracks on your headphones, and they play different frequencies into each ear. Somehow your brain decides to follow somewhere in the middle of these two frequencies, and voila. You’ve tapped into a deeper brain wave.

So yeah! Now you can just cheat! You don’t even have to do or learn anything, you just put the soundtrack on and relax and it does all the work for you.

I’m heavily considering purchasing one of these systems for myself. I’ve been looking into two different ones – one called Meditation Program, and another one called Holosync.

With both of these systems, there are different levels of entrainment tracks. You listen every day for up to an hour, and then you move onto the next level. They train your brain to take you deeper and deeper as you go through the program. As you advance through it, it becomes easier and easier for your brain to tap into these altered states whenever you want to.

So far, I’m heavily leaning towards Meditation Program. Holosync is the industry leader, but Meditation Program is much more affordable (only $85 for all eight levels vs $179 for just the first of twelve levels) and much quicker to move through the levels (only eight weeks to complete all levels vs four to six months for just the first level). I’ve also read some reviews that say Meditation Program’s tracks are more exciting to listen to.

Anyway, stay tuned for tomorrow and hopefully I will have figured out which one I want to use and let you know more!

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