So, The Love Vitamin is taking a little hiatus.

Don’t panic – only for a week!

I’m traveling this week in Queensland until the 22nd of Feb, and since most of that will be at a festival in the bush (this one, if you happen to be curious about the things I get up to) and I don’t have an iphone or anything like that, I will have little to no internet access.  So I’m not going to post any articles until a week from now, mostly because I feel bad not being able to chat with you guys and answer your comments!

I severely dislike ignoring you!

Because of this, please don’t email me with any general questions this week or you may not get a reply. Hold off till after the 22nd please – if I do manage to get a little bit of time on the internet, customer service questions for Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom, and any questions about the upcoming Candida Cleanse Challenge will have top priority. But even then please be patient for a reply!

To be honest, I really feel like a doof scheduling the candida cleanse right after a trip to the bush with no internet access, but it’s too late now.

But anyway, because of this, today’s post is a list of blogs that I like and other things to read that will keep you busy until my triumphant return! 

Paleo Blogs

Mark’s Daily Apple – the granddaddy of the primal diet and lifestyle. Anything you want to know about living like a caveman can be found there.

Primal Toad – my favourite primal blog, because Todd is my bud (well, internet bud). He got rid of his acne with the primal lifestyle and is very enthusiastic about it.

Peggy the Primal Parent – Interesting person who solved all her health problems (including cystic acne) by eating an all raw meat diet

Live Clean, Cook Dirty – A simple paleo blog I came across the other day. I like her writing. I also think she’s a reader here.

Traditional Food Blogs

Butter Believer – A girl enthusiastic about butter and traditional foods. I like her. You know when you just like someone? I like her.

Heal Thyself – a traditional foods network devoted to listening to your body and healing yourself – it’s run by a kickin’ rad woman named Pat Robinson.

Cheese Slave – Another well written traditional food blog that I simply enjoy

Kelly the Kitchen Kop – another one along the same lines

Eat Nourishing – Epic website for traditional food recipes

Other People I Think Are Cool

Secrets of Longevity – Guy from Guelph, Ontario, named Zac. From what I gather, he eats mostly raw vegan food, but also likes his raw liver. That’s how I found him, anyway.

Radiance Central – Woman named Natasha who healed all her health problems, including persistent acne with a raw food diet (her former website was Raw Radiant Health). Unfortunately she got a B12 deficiency, but she has now bounced back with a new diet and website!

Daniel Vitalis – Big proponent of wild foods, wild crafting, pure water, and other nifty stuff

Maha Nomi – A real food/raw food/health promoter who’s pretty funny. I enjoy watching him.

No More Dirty Looks – A cool blog by two Canadian girls who wrote a book about safe and natural beauty products. The blog sometimes deals with acne.

Epic Beauty Guide – Run by a very smart girl named Stephanie. She’s got mad info on being beautiful with diet and natural health.

High on Health – Most of you are probably familiar with Fran and her holistic skin care empire. She’s obviously awesome.

Acne Erasing Secrets – David has tons of really informative videos about acne and health

Other Stuff You Should Take a Look At

The Weston A Price Foundation – The dentist who wrote Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. The granddaddy of traditional foods. Become familiar with this.

The GAPS Diet – a pretty hardcore gut healing regimen, but sounds like it could be extremely effective for acne, maybe even the closest thing to an honest to god cure – but it takes some serious dedication. I’m thinking about trying it when I go home to Canada.

Spirit Science – a fun web series that I really enjoyed for those of you interested in learning about new age spiritual concepts. An open mind is recommended!

And that is all I can think of at the moment! Please feel free to share your favourite blogs from around the internet in the comments below, whether they’re about health or not! And I will see you next week!

photo by Mike Licht