Hi everyone!

As you know, I’m still doing the caveman regimen… when I wrote the last post, it was day 14, but now it’s actually about day 22 (time lapse!).

And that means no makeup still …. but my skin is still blotchier than normal, I had a couple minor breakouts (although they healed incredibly quickly!), I’m looking pretty flakey, and my dead skin mask is growing.

But hey – I’ve only had two minor breakdowns where I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and quit, but I’ve held strong. Yay me.

But tonight is the test, as I am attending a big birthday party for my partner, Luke’s, sister, and I still feel naked and uncomfortable without makeup on … especially going to a big fancy party where it’s the norm to look ‘done up’. So I know I’ve been banging on about the no makeup thing quite a bit already this week, but I made this video to talk a little bit about how I’m feeling and my desire to move past this feeling of ‘ditching makeup on sheer willpower’ to really feeling comfortable in my own skin without it.


PS – I don’t mean this video to sound like makeup is always a bad thing – but my feelings of desperate “need” for it is what I dislike.

So tell me – do you wear makeup? How much? Do you feel a desperate need for it, or more of a playful relationship with it? Could you ever let it go – even if you had acne?

photo by allshots imaging