I just found out yesterday after perusing my pal Primal Toad‘s blog that over two thirds of the common brands of extra virgin olive oils are adulterated – either with cheaper, rancid, lower quality olive oil, or actually cut with completely different oils like sunflower or soybean.

You don’t know how mad this makes me!!

you sneaky devil, you

Check out my video for my rants and also tips on how to tell if your extra virgin olive oil is telling lies about its virginity:


Links to help you learn more:

How to Tell if Your Olive Oil is the Real Thing

Olive Oil Scam REVEALED (And How to Spot the Real Stuff) – includes lists of potentially okay EVOO brands and not okay EVOO brands

Does this annoy you too? or are you not as anal about your oils as I am? 

photo by matthew griff