This is sort of how I feel on RRARF

If you don’t know what RRARF is (Rehabilitative Rest and Aggressive Re-Feeding), I suggest getting caught up by reading this article first which explains what this is and why. If you don’t, this one probably wont make much sense πŸ™‚

Anyway, RRARF has been going okay, but mostly not too great. It’s had some positives (my stomach troubles I had on GAPS, and prior to, are pretty much gone!), but it’s had negatives – I feel terrible in a different way! I have constant brain fog, lethargy, and tiredness (something I didn’t have on GAPS, or much of before this). And I’ve kind of lost my appetite.

Matt Stone says that it’s normal to feel crap in the beginning of this as your body gets used to the higher carbs, but feeling bad all the time – much worse than I felt before GAPS or RRARF – is stressing me out which seems a bit counter productive.

I explain in this video (and also what I’m eating): 


As promised, the things I forgot to say in the video:

  • Other negatives: my body temperatures still seem to be all over the place, and my feet are still often very cold. I don’t seem to be making much improvement here, as far as I can tell.
  • As excited as I was about the caveman regimen really doing great things for my skin, and keeping it nice even throughout all this diet stuff, I obviously went and spoke too soon. I seem to have started breaking out a bit more than normal as of yesterday (although, admittedly, still pretty minor). It’s probably from all the crazy blood sugar swings, and the stress too πŸ™
  • Hmm…. I don’t know what to do. I want to keep going for thirty days and not be a quitter again, but I’m really not enjoying this. The constant tiredness and lack of appetite (yet having to eat) is really getting me down. Part of the reason RRARF seemed so appealing was because the message is to “throw out dieting”, and eat as much as you want, whatever you want, from all the food groups and macronutrients, and repair your fearful relationship with food. And I guess for some people that’s what RRARF epitomizes. But for me, I am finding that I still feel like I’m on a diet that has rules (eat a lot! eat a truck load of starch!), and absorbing the same amount of stress from it.
  • My mind worries that I am being premature again and quitting before I get the benefit, especially because it’s not like it’s a two year commitment like GAPS – it’s only a month! – but my body is saying “Go back to your WAPF/paleoish diet that you were eating before, but with more starch then you were eating, because that seems to help your stomach, and at least you felt pretty good on that and not like a zombie like you do now’. So maybe that’s what I should do, because I realize now by comparison that I was pretty happy with that way of eating!

I’ll figure it out eventually. At least I’m learning what’sΒ notΒ working for me. And I feel very pleased that I’ve figured out lack of starch seems to have something to do with my tummy troubles.Β 

photo by Sean Drellinger