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After posting about my results after three months on the caveman regimen, it sounds like many of you are quite interested in giving this ‘no washing your face’ thing a shot to see if it improves your acne! So I thought you might want to have a look-see at a couple of videos on youtube that I found interesting.

The first is a video that one of the readers here linked to. It’s by a skin treatment expert in the beauty industry namedΒ Florence Barrett-Hill, and she’s giving a webinar about “The Epidemic of Over-Exfoliation”. Okay, I’ll admit that it’s not that exciting a video, but it does give some interesting scientific explanations on how the skin works and why keeping the acid mantle intact is so important (and also why Omega 3‘s are so vital for healthy skin).


This second one is just by some random youtuber named Jackie who is sharing her perspective on having given up everything – all products – essentially she is doing the caveman regimen (although she’s not calling it that!). She’s very well spoken and I really, really enjoyed hearing her thoughts:


peaceΒ β™₯

** UPDATE ** This topic has been so popular, I’ve finally decided to create ‘Caveman Regimen: The Ultimate Guide’ to answer all your questions and help youΒ through the terrifying process of letting of of skin care (as well as help with modifying the Caveman to suit you and your needs better).Β Click here for more details!