In my video today I’m going to show you the process for making ghee out of butter. It’s really, really easy.

What’s ghee?

Well, butter is made mostly of dairy fat with a little bit of dairy solids – meaning the milk sugars and proteins. When people have problems tolerating dairy products (ala lactose intolerance or allergies), the problem almost always lies with the sugars and proteins aka “the milk solids”.

Usually even lactose intolerant people can tolerate butter very well because the amount of milk solids is so small, but if you are extremely sensitive or just want to be safe, you can make ghee. Ghee is the pure fat with the milk solids removed. It has a distinctly different (but still delicious) taste and is popular in Indian cooking.

The other advantage to ghee over butter is that you can use it as a healthy cooking oil that can be used at high heats. Butter will burn at high heats due to the presence of the milk solids. Ghee also can be stored much longer than butter without it going bad.

Anyway… here it is. How to make ghee: 


Note: I made this video a while ago while I was preparing to start the GAPS diet. It seems kind of weird posting it now because we’ve been talking so much lately about intuitive eating and freeing ourselves from food restrictions. Suddenly the whole process of making ghee seems a little bit… nutritionally “nit picky” (well… I guess in some instances. Not burning your cooking oil is pretty worthwhile, I suppose!)

What do you think? Is making ghee out of your butter just being ‘nit picky’ or did you find this video worthwhile?

photo by chiot’s run