This is a guest post from an awesome reader named Kendra.

She’s a fellow Canadian from Nelson BC, who loves skiing, rock climbing, and kicking ass. She writes about health and her journey with acne at her blog: Crazy Happy Healthy. Check it oot!

Hi. My name is Kendra and I am obsessed with my poop.

Maybe you are laughing at this right now, or maybe you just think I am weird. Both are acceptable reactions. I am a big supporter of colon health. And to be honest, I don’t think people talk about this stuff enough. It is a fairly taboo topic in our society. No one seems to talk openly or comfortably about colon health and don’t forget, girls don’t poop!

Well I poop! And I want every poop to be the most amazing poop I have ever taken.

Disclaimer: This isn’t Kendra. And I’m sorry to whoever this person is for immortalizing you on a blog post about poo.

Having healthy poops is a huge indicator of a healthy digestive system. Increasing the health of your digestive system, resulting in those awesome poops that you just wanna tell everyone about, can have so many benefits for your health, and your acne too!

I have struggled with acne for over 5 years now. My skin has always been acne prone but it never was more than mild acne until I stopped taking the birth control pill.

Getting acne made me desperate, and unfortunately it drove me to try a bunch of conventional acne treatments (antibiotics, more birth control and topicals) that ended with me getting cystic acne. Ever since it has been a struggle.

Eventually I stumbled upon The Love Vitamin and a few other helpful websites and learned how to treat my acne holistically. With in a few months my acne cleared about 50-60%. While this made me incredibly happy, I became obsessed with trying to get 100% clear. I cannot admit I am 100% clear now. I still have very mild acne, and I know it bothers me more than it should. But my secret to pushing myself into the 90% clear zone was the addition of self enemas into my routine.

I know the idea of putting a tube up your butt may not seem that awesome, but actually, it kind of is. Let me explain. 

Why Is Colon Health Important?

Your colon comprises the last 5 feet of your digestive system. The primary function of the colon is to absorb some water, electrolytes and vitamins and hold fecal matter prior to elimination.

The colon, along with the liver, skin, kidneys and lungs, is one of the major stations for elimination if your body. If one of these elimination sites gets over loaded, then it puts more pressure on the other sites, like your skin!

If you are not having regular bowel movements, then the toxins will accumulate and get reabsorbed into your system. You body will try to remove these toxins one way or another, so the result may be toxins getting pushed out your skin. And here comes the acne!

How Does a Colon Get “Backed Up”?

Again, the culprit appears to be the Standard North American Diet, pharmaceuticals and stress. These things give off substances which are toxic to your body. Everything we eat or drink will affect the walls of our intestines.

Damage to the cell walls causes a decrease is peristalsis function, the method which moves food through your digestive track. This decreased movement leads to a decreased bowel transit time and the result is undigested food and waste fermenting and putrifying in your gut by bacteria and yeast. If you aren’t fully grossed out by now, don’t worry, you will be soon.

The bacteria and yeast gives off by-products which can cause inflammation and directly damage the cell walls. When elimination is not occurring correctly, the waste just sits there. All that poop. Just sitting in your intestines.

Now that is gross.

This is why having “good” poops is such an amazing thing. It means your system is operating properly and your gut is happy!

It is important that you have at least one bowel movement a day. Like every morning, you should poop out yesterday’s breakfast. 24 hours is the max length of time it should take a meal to move through your system. Ideally 2-3 well formed poops a day would be the best!

What Are Enemas?

Enema: “the process of introducing liquid into the rectum and colon via the anus.” The water then sits in your colon and is then flushed out to remove fecal matter.

How can enemas help your acne?

Basically, inserting water into your colon causes waste to “loosen” from the walls of your colon. Yes, waste can literally get caked onto your colon walls! The water causes the rapid expansion of the colon and ultimately results in the complete elimination of its contents. So if you are constipated, this is the quickest most effective way to relieve that.

So the benefit is you remove all these toxins from your system and prevent them from being reabsorbed into your body and getting pushed out your skin. If all your elimination stations are operating properly then there are no toxins in your blood. No toxins can mean a lot less acne!

Of course, I doubt an enema will have more than temporary results if you are still eating a highly refined and processed diet. I think enemas work best for acne when combined with a healthy, whole foods diet. You need to stop the root cause of your colon being clogged and not just treat the symptom. So if you have been eating really well, not stressing too hard about your skin and you still are breaking out, you might get some good results from an enema!

Should I Try An Enema?

You should definitely do your own research and consider it!

If you are feeling a little unsure about this and are maybe a little scared of doing one yourself, then I recommend going and getting a colonic. Colonics are actually superior to enemas in that they clean the entire length of the colon, while enemas only clean the lower half.

A professional performs the colonic and you actually get to view what comes out of you through a clear tube. This will give you some great feedback about what is going on in your colon. When I first decided to work on my colon health, I went and got a couple of colonics. It was definitely an interesting experience having someone stick a tube up my butt, but I decided to just roll with it. My first colonic was a very intense experience for me. Talking to other people though, it seems like my experience was an exception.

I think colonics are great but they are not very affordable if you want to cleanse your colon on a regular basis. They cost me $65 a session and I think that might be on the cheaper side. An enema kit only costs $5-10.

I think, ideally, a combination of both would be best; giving yourself regular enemas but getting a colonic every few months.

How To Give Yourself An Enema

Enema bag

An enema kit consists of a small plastic bag, a catheter and an enema nozzle.

First you want to assemble the enema kit and make sure the nozzle is closed. Then you want to fill the bag to the top with lukewarm, filtered water. It is important not to use chlorinated water as this can damage your colon.

If you want to up the anti of your enema, you can add some probiotics to the mix. Empty one of your probiotc capsules into the water or add a bit of your homemade kefir. Do not add any of those hard probiotic tablets, as they generally contain additives. Just make sure you are only adding the bacteria and nothing else.

Once the enema bag is filled you can hang it up about 3 feet off the floor. I usually attach it to the shower bar or a towel rack. I also like to make myself very comfortable by laying a towel down on the floor, putting some relaxing music on and maybe even cranking the heat. I like to make it very romantic for myself.

Lie down on the towel, starting first on your left side. Insert the tube into your butt, about 2-3 centimetres. The tube is about the width of a pencil so it is not hard to do. You can apply a little coconut oil to the tube to make things easier.

Once the tube is inserted open the nozzle and let the water drain in. You don’t need to try to get it all in at once. Just let it in slowly, stopping every 10 seconds or so to massage your lower abdomen and breath deeply. Once you have emptied the first third into your colon, lie on your back and empty the second third and then finish with the last third on your right side. Ideally you want to get all that water inside you and then chill for 10 minutes before emptying on the toilet.

Don’t worry if you have to empty your colon well before you get the whole bag in there. My first time doing it, I think I had to get up like 10 times. You get better at holding the water in the more you do it.

The first thing you’ll be amazed at is how much “stuff” actually comes out of you! It’s crazy to think that all of that waste would just be sitting inside of you otherwise. After I do an enema, I feel amazing. I feel clean and light and ready to take on the world!

How Often Should I Do An Enema?

Well it’s hard to say since it depends on the state of your colon. When I am doing a detox or a cleanse, I might do one everyday to aid in the detoxification process. For maintenance I do them usually about once a week, or anytime I feel like I need to get things moving. It’s really up to you. But remember to pay attention to your body. If doing enemas does not make you feel good, then they probably aren’t for you.

Do You Want to Take Your Enemas To the Next Level?

So maybe you have been doing enemas for a bit now and you want this relationship to get a little more serious.

Try a coffee enema.

Yep. I’m serious. Take some coffee and stick it up your butt. This may sound a little off but coffee enemas are actually promoted by numerous health professionals.

How Does a Coffee Enema Work?

Coffee enemas are an ancient herbal and folklore hydrotherapy procedure. Having a coffee enema is not the same as drinking a cup of coffee.

When you ingest coffee is broken down and digested in the stomach. In the anus, the veins are extremely close to the surface. So what happens is the caffeine is absorbed into the circulatory system and goes directly to the liver. Here it acts as a very strong detoxifier and stimulates the liver to remove toxins through the bile acid. It causes the liver to produce extra bile which stimulates the gall bladder to dump its contents and eliminate them into the bowel.

Why is this good?

Because it frees the liver of toxins. Now the liver is capable of processing toxins more efficiently.

A very awesome thing is it’s very effective at killing off candida albicans in your system. Since candida can be a huge contributor to acne, I think coffee enemas can be very effective at clearing your skin. Keep in mind the caffeine only goes to your liver. It does not circulate through the rest of your body, so don’t expect to get much of a coffee buzz.

I was pretty skeptical about these coffee enemas when I first learned about them. But I decided to try one anyway since I am always on the search for optimal health. I loved the results. Initially I felt quite fatigued. I had to lie down on the couch and not move for a while. This was no doubt a detox reaction.

But the next morning I felt amazing. I felt energized and a feeling I can’t quite describe; kind of like a “lightness.” I believe coffee enemas have really improved the quality of my skin. Since doing my first one, I have only seen more and more positive results. I still breakout but much less now and the quality of my skin has improved ten fold.

I have also read many testimonials from people who swear that good diet plus coffee enemas cured their cancer and other chronic illnesses. That’s a pretty amazing thought and it makes me happy.

So if you can get past the initial disgust and messiness than I definitely recommend trying these things out. Who knows, it could provide that tipping point, tipping you into the clear skin zone. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Regardless though, clear skin or not, adding enemas into your regular routine may improve your health in more ways than one. It’s definitely a lot to digest but I hope you feel a little more informed. I know when my colon is a happy camper, I am a happy camper too.

Happy butt cleaning friends!

What do you think about enemas? No way josé, or are you interested in potentially giving them a try? Or maybe you’re already experienced with them? Share! 

photo by newneonunion