In my efforts to begin seriously working on my emotional health, I’ve decided to start trying to do yoga again on a daily basis.

The problem with staying committed is not that I don’t like yoga – I do like yoga. Not only is it meditative and good for peace of mind, it also gets your body moving, your chi flowing, and your organs working efficiently. I think it is an incredibly good addition to your life, and can really help in making your skin glow.

But I get bored of things quickly.

I began yoga by learning a bunch of poses out of an old book from the 60’s called… well… I can’t even remember anymore because I lent it to a friend and never got it back. It had three different half hour routines, which I quite enjoyed. I stuck with alternating between the three for many months.

But then it got a bit boring and I slacked off. So then I downloaded a yoga app for my Mac called Pocket Yoga which has several different animated routines that you can follow along with. That was pretty good, but again, it got boring and the lady’s automated robot voice began driving me crazy.

Then, last week, I discovered My Yoga Online and I’m hooked! 

It’s an online site that lets you access hundreds of full length video yoga classes by tons of different (real live) instructors. You can search for videos that suit you via queries like length of video, level of experience, type of yoga, and a bunch of other things so that you can always find something that suits your time frame, level of experience, and mood.

The best part about it though, in my opinion, is that because there’s so many different videos, you can do a completely different class every single day. So you can’t really get bored if you’re constantly switching up your routine.

Unfortunately it’s not free though – it does cost $10 a month. But if you consider how much the monthly fee for joining a fitness studio or yoga ashram is, or the cost of individual yoga classes (anywhere from 5 to 20 dollars a class) – $10 a month for unlimited classes really is pennies. And you don’t have to waste any gas or time leaving your house to go do it! And My Yoga Online doesn’t lock you into any contract either – you can cancel your membership easily whenever you want.

Anyway – I just wanted to share that with you, because I’ve been really enjoying it. It’s been inspiring me so much that one time, I even did yoga twice in one day! That’s pretty much unheard of for me.

Oh – also, I guess I should mention this – if you’ve never done yoga before in your life, I’d recommend going to their site first and clicking on the “poses” tab and practicing some of the poses first. Sometimes the classes can be difficult to keep up with for a first timer (not like it matters though – no one’s watching!) And when you do graduate to the videos, start with beginner videos and work your way up! Yoga can be a lot more physically demanding than you think it is.

Anyway…. Namaste! PS – I’m away for the weekend at my favourite festival so no internet access till Monday! Have a really fabulous weekend my friends 😀

photo by kaibaira87