All I can say is… wow. That SUCKED!

Seriously… that was by far the most unpleasant thing I’ve ever done in the name of “health”.

Unless I see some seriously miraculous and amazing results from it over the next while, it’s safe to say I am NEVER doing that ever again.

The Story of the Liver Flush

So I guess you might want to start at the beginning and find out exactly what it is that I did. There are plenty of different versions of the liver flush, so I will tell you what it was that I decided to do.

The first thing I did was take 1500 mg of malic acid for about 5 days before the cleanse. This supposedly softens the “stones” in your liver and allows them to exit the liver easier. Malic acid is a natural fruit acid, found in the highest concentration in apples, so they advise you to either drink 4 cups of apple juice a day, or take the extract.

Well, food grade malic acid is super cheap, and easy to find, as it’s used in wine making, so I just bought some of that, put it in empty gelatin capsules and took it that way. Waaay easier (and cheaper) than drinking four cups of apple juice a day.

Next thing you do is that on the day of the cleanse, you can’t eat any fat. Apparently this builds pressure in the liver and gallbladder so it will forcefully expel all the stones and sediment when you drink all the fatty olive oil later. Due to this restriction, I realized that fat is delicious, and that most of the things I eat contain a fair bit of fat, so I just fasted on fruit and apples and apple juice all day. Which actually wasn’t as horrible as it sounds. My stomach wasn’t eating itself with hunger as it sounds like it would. 

Oh, also, you’re not allowed to eat anything after 2 pm. If you do, you’re liable to feel very sick later.

Next thing you do is at 6 pm (the timing of all this is apparently very critical), you drink 3/4 of a cup of water mixed with a tablespoon of epsom salt. By the way, epsom salt tastes SO gross, so some say you can mix it with apple or grapefruit juice to mask the taste. I did that, and it wasn’t toooo bad, but it still wasn’t great.

After that, at 8 pm, you do the same thing and drink a second dose of epsom salts.

The purpose of the epsom salt is that it:

  1. It’s a laxative, so it gives you diarrhea and unblocks anything going on in your intestinal tract so toxins and stones from the liver can exit
  2. It opens up and relaxes the liver ducts so that the yucky stuff can exit the liver easily and not get stuck

After that, it’s time for the big event!

All the liver flush ingredients: apple juice, grapefruits, olive oil, epsom salt, and malic acid

Drinking the Olive Oil Potion

Around 9:45, you get completely ready for bed and then create your magic mixture.

In a pint jar, add 3/4 of grapefruit juice (fresh squeezed) to 1/2 a cup of olive oil and then shake vigorously. The acids in the grapefruit juice emulsify the oil and it creates a smooth, liquidy drink. Good thing, too, because drinking thick oil sounds pretty awful.

To my surprise, this actually didn’t taste too bad. I dare say it almost tasted good. Many people say this part is completely disgusting, so I was happy that I didn’t hate it. It probably helped that I am a big fan of grapefruit juice.

Anyway, after you drink it down, you immediately lie down in your bed, flat on your back with your head propped up and you must stay completely still for at least 20 minutes.

At this point, I didn’t feel bad, more like…. I felt…. strange. My stomach felt heavy and was quite gurgly. They say sometimes you can feel the stones moving through the passageways, like marbles. I don’t know if I felt that, but there was definitely some “action” going on… like a light fluttering around the area of my liver and gallbladder.

After the 20 minutes, you still aren’t allowed to get up, but you can switch positions if you want. Either way, you’re supposed to just go to sleep now. I managed to get to sleep, although I was a little uncomfortable.

The Fun Begins

I woke up around 1 oclock feeling like it was time to go to the toilet. Many people find that this happens after their first or second epsom salt dose, but not me. 1 oclock was my time.

I also felt quite dehydrated at this point. The epsom salts work by drawing water into your bowels, so they really dehydrate you. I had a sip of water, but then I felt very sick to my stomach.

So then I had some diarrhea and felt really nauseous for a while. I had a bit of a headache too. I don’t know know if I passed any “stones” at this point. I didn’t have the bathroom light on because I didn’t want to wake myself up too much in fear that I would never ever get back to sleep. It was at this point that I started to regret ever having done this stupid thing.

Then I threw up.

That wasn’t fun, but I find that throwing up is generally better than feeling nauseous. Usually you feel better afterward. I did feel a bit better after that, and I managed to go back to sleep, although all in all, it was quite a fitful, tossy, turny sort of night.

The Morning Comes

So, in the morning, you are supposed to take two more doses of the epsom salts, two hours apart. This is to ensure that you spend the day on the can expelling all the junk your liver just dumped into you.

The night before as I was throwing up, I could hardly even imagine having to continue on with this. How on earth would I get down more epsom salt while I was feeling like this?

However, in the morning, the nausea was gone and I didn’t feel too bad. So I downed my third dose of epsom salt mixed with apple juice.

Buuuut, then that triggered more nausea. More sweet, wonderful nausea (I think being nauseous is one of the worst feelings in the world. I can’t wait to be pregnant!).

So then I went and lied in bed, and I felt just plain AWFUL. Just soooo bad. Not only was I nauseous, I was really dehydrated. I wanted to drink water, but I couldn’t because drinking water only made me more nauseous.

Anyway, two hours passed, and I still wasn’t feeling any better. I decided to forego the fourth dose of epsom salt because

  1. I didn’t think I would be able to get it down anyway
  2. Getting more dehydrated sounded like a bad idea at this point

I figured that enemas were probably the answer at this point. For some reason, the epsom wasn’t working… my bowels were not moving, and I wanted these toxins out of me RIGHT NOW!!!

So a few enemas later, I’m sitting on the toilet, a wave of nausea with each expulsion, when finally it comes that I need to throw up all that apple juice and epsom that has made so sick for the last few hours. But at this point, there’s no where for that puke to go, except onto myself.

Yep. That happened.

It was literally like having food poisoning. Except I couldn’t feel sorry for myself because it was all my own fault.

By the way, I did get out plenty of the bright green “stones”.


After that, I felt much, much better. Like I was definitely out of the woods. I was able to drink some water and have some watermelon and rehydrate myself. I still felt quite tired and blah after. But at least the nausea and dehydration were gone.

I didn’t have too much of an appetite for the rest of the day, and just wanted to eat simple things. Some fruit, and crackers – I was craving salty things like no tomorrow! Obviously my electrolyte balance was a bit off.

The next day, my appetite returned, although my digestion was a bit funky for a week after or so afterward and is only starting to go away now. Very sensitive, touchy stomach, and lots of bloating, which I wasn’t having before. (Also, I will add here that the day after the cleanse, I seriously had the most psychadelic looking multi-coloured poo I had ever seen! Although unlike stomach bloating, that was sort of exciting in a weird way).

The good news is that the symptoms I had (itchy fingers, bit of eczema) that disappeared on the parasite cleanse, but then returned once it was over are now gone! And it actually does look like there are dead parasites in my stool now. I guess this is why I did this whole thing, right? – to get those parasites out of me. So… I guess you could say it was a success? ..??

Lol – even so – it’s pretty difficult to say this was really worth it. My biggest hope for this was that it would maybe get rid of my daytime sleepiness and brain fog, but it hasn’t. I can probably deal with a few itchy fingers if it means I never have to do that again.

Why Do I Think I Got So Sick?

I’m not sure. I don’t think everyone gets as sick as I did.

There are different versions of the liver cleanse, the one I did is I believe based off the “Hulda Clark” method. But many say that Andreas Mortiz and the protocol in his book “The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush” is the ultimate one to do.

In his book, Andreas stresses that it’s really important you get a colonic both before and after the flush, which is obviously something I didn’t do.

Frankly, if I had to do that, this cleanse experiment would never have happened. Colonics are expensive and besides, there is no colon hydrotherapist in my town. It wasn’t going to happen. I suppose I should have done the compromise and done an enema the day before, but alas.

But either way – I find it hard to believe that something so jarring and difficult on the body can be good for you. It certainly didn’t feel that way while it was happening! I feel there are much gentler ways you can be nice to your liver. I think next post will be about that! (Update: Read the post about gentle ways to support your liver)

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Alright. Thanks for reading my story. I bet you want to do a liver flush now, don’t you? :p

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