I just got home from an amazing blissful adventure, where I rode my bike 75 kilometres all by myself to visit some friends on a completely off-the-grid island called Lasqueti.

Seeing how my friends lived and ate off-grid was very inspiring. They used composting toilets, got their power from solar panels, had huge gardens and orchards, and they didn’t even have a fridge. The island has basically no amenities and any groceries on the island are ordered special and brought over on the passenger ferry.

Due to all this, the way my friends ate was so simple and healthy, and because it was so in tune with nature and the land they lived on, it was also a very spiritual experience. My time there felt so nourishing for both body and soul.

I want to share my thoughts on this in this video. I hope you enjoy it:


Here are some photos from my Lasqueti trip:

Setting off on my adventure


Lasqueti Ferry Dock
Riding around the island (there’s no paved roads!)
My friends’ funky dome house
Inside the dome house
Kale patch in the garden
Beautiful bays all around the island

We got to go on this guy’s home made peddle powered sail boat. It was the coolest boat ever!
Potato harvest
Saturday Market
Giving thanks for the quinoa harvest
Fresh quinoa up close
Sun setting over Lasqueti