Why, oh why, oh why…why me? What have we done to deserve this tumultuous curse?

What is the cause of acne? No no – not dirt and bacteria and all that garbage that gets spouted off by doctors and dermatologists. What is the real cause of acne?

To put it short and  simple: Acne is caused by blood sugar problems. Blood sugar is what affect the hormones that block your pores and low grade inflammation throughout the body is what causes blocked pores to become those angry, inflamed pustules that we all know and love.

What causes blood sugar problems and inflammation? It stems from  two things:

  1. Poor digestion. What causes poor digestion? Well, believe it or not, it’s not just food, although it is obviously a major factor. Exercise, chemical toxins, sunshine, and especially stress and emotions all affect digestion as well.
  2. Ill emotions. I call it this instead of stress, because stress is an emotion – it’s fear. Chronic stress (usually in the form of low self esteem for us acne folks) cause your adrenal glands to produce the steroid hormone cortisol. Cortisol is good in small amounts, but if there’s too much of it in the blood stream for too long, it suppresses the immune system, adds to blood sugar problems, and further harms your digestive activities.

I am of the firm belief that almost all diseases in the body stem from these two things. Since our bodies are amazing holistic beings (holistic meaning the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts), every body system, including the skin, is dependent on the others to work optimally so that we function the way we’re supposed to.

When it comes to our digestive systems, it is our first point of contact… it’s where the whole cycle of life starts. Our energy is consumed in the form of food, in which those nutrients are converted to serve and let thrive the billions of cells in your body that make you up.This happens through millions of biochemical reactions throughout your body, each intricately dependent on one another.

Over the years, all our little health misdeeds add up to the point where our bodies are not absorbing those nutrients or happen to be absorbing undigested food particles which cause inflammation. Without proper fuel, the cells can’t do their jobs properly, and this then leads to all sorts of problems in a very intricate trickle down effect. When your stomach isn’t functioning properly, that affects the intestines, which in turn affect the job of the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys, which in turn affect the composition of the blood (here’s where the stress and blood sugar problems jump into play), which in turn affects hormones and all the cells in the entire body, including the immune system and the lymphatic system.

So as you can see, it can end up a real mess.

Chronic disease is the end point of this whole trickle down effect. Your genetics determine what is the part of your body that goes first… other people end up with obesity, chronic fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, auto immune diseases, and a whole array of others. For us, it’s acne.


So now you know what causes acne. Drugs and topicals will never truly fix the problem. They may work for a while, but if you stop using them, your acne is still there waiting, lurking in the shadows, like the monster under your bed. And unless you address the cause behind the symptom, it will eventually break through that patch of acne drugs you’ve been using and… well…you know what happens next.

All Hope Is Not Lost

The good news is that our bodies are incredible and are always working to maintain a level of homeostasis where everything is working as it should. This is why we don’t need drugs to “heal”. Your body knows exactly what to do, and it’s always trying so very hard. Like the little engine that could! But it just can’t stay on track and get up that hill when your unhealthy habits are throwing it off the rails at every turn. It simply can’t make it over that mountain – unless you allow it to by taking a step back, examining where you can improve your health, and taking action.

Hey, what do you think is causing your acne? Tell me below.