In my last video, I talked about the good bacteria and the bad bacteria in your guts and why having the good guys outnumber the bad is so important to clear skin.

If you’ve taken antibiotics in the past, or have generally eaten a poor diet, you most likely need a little help in this department. That’s where probiotics and fermented foods come in. Check out the video and find out what these are and why you gotta jump on board!


In the video, I mentioned that the probiotics I like and recommend are something called HMF Forte by Genestra. Click here to get them from Rockwell Nutrition if you’re in Canada. I realized you can get them from if you’re in the United States. There are other HMF (human micro flora) probiotic products from Genestra that are stronger, if you want an even more therapeutic dose than the Forte ones – like this, for example. Shop around for the best ones for you.

The reason these ones are so good is because apparently they are one of the only brands that are made from bacteria grown in an actual human’s gut, as opposed to an animal’s or on plants. This means it’s more likely than anything else to actually adhere to human intestines and repopulate them.

A note about this: In the video, I had mentioned that buying probiotics that are sitting on the shelf at the drug store and haven’t been refrigerated is useless, since the bacteria is dead. So you may be wondering… if I order probiotics online, won’t they also be dead? I was worried about that too, but after reading the info about this brand of probiotics, it appears as though this particular product can spend a few weeks at room temperature without much change in bacterial liveliness, thus being okay to mail. They are refrigerated before sending, and should be refrigerated as soon as you receive them.

Also the website where you can pick up some kefir grains to make your own fermented kefir drinks is The grains are cheap… between ten and twenty bucks for a few of them, and once you get them and use them, they multiply and last forever if you look after them. It’s fun. She sends them in the mail and then you send her a cheque or cash via the honour system. I just ordered some more for myself (I don’t know what happened to my old ones), so I’ll do a video about them when they arrive.