If you’ve read my About Page and my Life Story, you’re probably familiar with my “before” pictures that I have posted in these two sections of the blog.

Well, I’m happy to say that not only is WINTER OVER as of two days ago (in the northern hemisphere anyway)… woohoo… but it is also just about one year to the day that those pictures were taken – the same day I began my journey to clear skin.

What has happened to me in the last 365 days? A lot.

Acne shattered my confidence, depression ran deep, an anxiety I had never felt overtook me…. which gave way to sheer determination, a belief that I could get better, ups, downs. Hiding my head, and yet being determined to show it at the same time. Crying, laughter, sadness, a venture inside myself I never knew I would take.

Yet here I am, one year later. I survived! I made it!

It’s been a crazy adventure, for sure. It’s hard to believe that was only one year ago. Mind you, I’ve been mostly clear ever since June, a mere three months later. I’d like to say that all my problems ended there, but they didn’t.

As I said before, I wish I had taken the emotional healing stuff seriously earlier on. I was still bound and shackled by my acne at that point, even in its absence. It took many more months before I was able to realize what was going on and work my way through it; ironically, it took much longer for my heart to heal than it took my skin.

The effects are still not completely gone, but like acne marks and scars…. they are fading away with time, and I find it remarkable how much more at peace I feel now, than that dark time you can see pouring out of my eyes in those pictures.

It is a striking difference, physically and emotionally.

While, from time to time, I still feel a jolt of ye old acne anxiety cropping up in me, it is getting more rare as the days go by. I spend my time mostly without makeup now, and it doesn’t concern me if my roommates, or friends, or random people see me without it, even if I have some spots. I even went out for lunch today to a nice Japanese restaurant without makeup on. Seriously, even before my severe breakout, I never thought I’d ever see this day.

It feels good. Really good.

And I must say, starting this blog itself has been an incredibly healing experience for me. I love how dedicated it has kept me to furthering my own self improvement, which I feel should be an ongoing affair throughout life.

So thanks guys, for joining me for this part of my journey…. not only has it been amazing vehicle for my own self growth so far (and we’re only just getting started!), it also feels incredible to pay the love forward to those who are in need of a big heaping spoonful of Vitamin L.

I look forward to seeing you all in another year from now, after having undertaken your own healing journeys, and to see your beautiful transformations – inside and out. I can’t wait. ♥

Where are you on your healing journey?