Hi everyone,

I’m going through a little bit of writer’s block at the moment! So I want you to help me out.

I’ve been going through my posts archives, because I’ve been busy creating an articles page that lists some of my best articles by category. This is to make the content on the site more navigable for those who find themselves here (particularly Love Vitamin newbs!).

Anyway, while going through it, I realized… wow. I’ve written a LOT of stuff on here!! And I honestly amaze myself that every week, new ideas, thoughts, and insights that I want to share just pop up and out of me with relative ease.

But as is life, there are those times when I’m not feeling inspired by anything (and I like all my posts to come from inspiration), or I’m just busy, and nothing is coming to me.

Now is one of those times. That’s where you come in! Tell me what you to see me write about here at the L Vitamin. Give your suggestions in the comments below 

Love you.

Watch Me Beg You For Suggestions In This Video


Leave your comments. What would you like me to write and make videos about here at the Love Vitamin?