A couple posts back, I reminded that you that Spring was here at last! Well, I’m here to remind you again.

Temperatures are warming, snow is thawing, and the best part of all…. the buds are budding! The west end of Vancouver, where I currently live, is completely in bloom with cherry blossoms. Every couple days, when I go for a walk through Stanley Park, I notice new plants and bushes in which their tiny pods have appeared – just waiting to burst forth into beautiful leafy greens.

I get really excited about Spring. I am lucky to live on the west coast of Canada – one of the only places in the country where it’s mild enough in the winter that you can enjoy the great outdoors year round without completely freezing your buns off. I am grateful for that; however, we trade the cold weather for cloudy, drizzly, utterly dreary days. This kind of weather takes a toll on me and the moods of everyone in the city. So when the temperatures start to rise, and the sun comes out… well…. I get a little giddy.

What have you done to kick off spring? If you’re in a snowier clime and it hasn’t quite arrived yet… what will you do to kick off spring?

Me, I ran an 8 km run with all my roommates a couple weekends ago. This wasn’t something I was planning on doing, but there is a very persuasive Irishman in my house who wasn’t going to let anyone get away without participating. We all headed down across the park on an oddly sunny morning and began the race with hundreds of other participants raising money for prostate cancer.


How did I go? I ran it in less than an hour, which I guess is pretty good! I jogged the entire way without stopping and it wasn’t too painful – I certainly didn’t feel like keeling over with my chest burning into a fiery inferno. So I guess that is also good!

The best part though is knowing that a year ago, when exercise was a foreign word to me, I would have definitely been keeling over with my chest burning a fiery inferno. I would have thought someone was making a joke if they thought I could ever run 8 kilometres in one go. It shows that I’ve come a long way.

Anyway… the point of this post is that if you are looking to make a change in yourself, now is the time.

Spring for us, and everything else in nature, is a time of rejuvenation – an awakening (if you’re a bear haha). It’s a time for decision-making, changing, growing and action taking. It’s time to come out of winter hibernation and cut back those brambles in ourselves that have overgrown. It’s a natural time for us to want to do a “spring cleaning” and sweep away the dust of our inner being. Ah, I’m feeling poetic!

Eating with the seasons, for example, is an age old concept that keeps us healthy. It was necessary when we didn’t have mass agriculture and transport. You ate what was available that season and that was that – it ensures we get a variety of fresh food in our diet, and not too much of one thing. And spring is naturally the time that you want to lighten up your fare and start eating more water rich fruits and vegetables as they come into bloom.

It’s also a time when you might start thinking about growing your own garden. Growing a bit of food, even in pots on your balcony if you have no garden space, is a beautiful way to get clean, fresh, organic, produce that benefits your health, your wallet, and the planet.

There’s something so exciting about planting seeds, watching them grow, and enjoying your harvest for dinner.

I’m in the process at the moment of getting ready to leave the city and head back home to Powell River for a fun filled dance fest summer… this time I have an adorable cabin in the woods with a great little garden plot waiting for me. I grew a garden for the first time last summer, but I had a lot of help from my mom. This spring, I’m on my own, so it will certainly be an exciting time for learning – and this is my spring challenge!

What resolutions will you make for positive change in your life this spring?

photo by Nina Matthews Photography