Are birth control pills (and other methods of hormonal birth control) an effective way to get rid of acne? What about developing acne after coming off of hormonal contraceptives? Is there any way to avoid this?

Watch the video and find out what the deal is with acne and the birth control pill.


Here’s me playing the littlest hobo in the movies. I rubbed dirt and ketchup into my shirt hahah… I personally think I’m trying a little too hard to look homeless. What do you think?

I have a bit of a story about this:

When you’re playing an extra, they don’t provide you with clothing. They choose people from a database based on their look and whether they have clothing that fits the scene. However, they do have hair and makeup people to fix you up a bit.

So they sent all the “homeless” types to the makeup trailer to put dirt on their faces. When I sat down, the makeup trailer had really bright sort of fluorescent lighting and when I looked at my skin I thought ‘ugh.. it doesn’t so look so good right now!’. Even though I knew bright lighting doesn’t flatter anyone, I thought it looked a bit uneven and blotchy.

Anyway, almost immediately after these thoughts were running through my head, the makeup lady said something like ‘yeah, sit still… I just gotta dirty your nice even skin tone up a bit’. I thought…. ‘what? Awesome.’

It was just a nice little reminder that we are our own biggest critics and that other people seriously don’t notice our imperfections! Even the makeup lady who examines skin all day!

So go easy on yourselves!! 🙂