So, ladies and gents… exciting news!

I’ve been working like a mad woman on this and today is the day… my brand new ebook is now out!!

It’s called ‘Cure Your Skin Compulsions – The Ultimate Guide to Quitting Skin Picking, Popping, Touching, and Obsessing’

It’s for all those folks out there who have been suffering with the compulsive urges to pick at their skin, pop and squeeze everything on their face, touch their skin nervously to feel around for acne, or stare for hours and hours in the mirror.

You know what I’m talking about. Most of us who have been dealing with skin problems are fairly familiar with at least some of these behaviours, and how much they suck! I know I am – I used to be major pimple popper (which made my skin look horrible and prevented it from healing), and have also had the habits of touching and staring at my face over and over again (I’ve now finally kicked all of these habits, and it feels freakin’ great)

I know how much it can make you feel ashamed and frustrated, and often kind of crazy for not being able to stop yourself. The emotions about this problem can range from being mildly stressful, to just completely taking over your entire life and causing severe anxiety and depression. Either way, you deserve to not have this kind of stress in your life anymore!

If this resonates with you and it’s something you’d like to finally nip in the bud once and for all, check out da new book here.

In celebration, it’s 50% off right now, and so is everything else! Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom is 50% off, and so is the 7 Day Candida Cleanse Challenge, which starts on January 7th, 2013!! And this deal is on till Christmas!

Happy holidays everyone 🙂

Watch Me Talk About the New Ebook in Video