What you probably want to know is… what do you actually have to do to get clear? Just get to the point! If you’ve already read my article about the cause of acne, you know that blood sugar problems and chronic inflammation are what bring acne to life. You also know that these are brought on from a trickle down effect from poor digestion and stress.

Since there is no one thing that caused these important functions to go out of whack, the only thing you can do is bring yourself back to an optimum state of health by improving all areas of your lifestyle. It’s in this way that all your body systems will begin to work together again to heal, the trickle down effect will stop, and your acne will clear up. It’s inevitable.

So what are you going to have to do?

  1. Improve your diet: This includes moving away from processed foods and towards whole foods, finding and eliminating food allergens, doing a bit of a cleanse to improve your digestion, and taking some broad spectrum supplements to support your overall health.
  2. Look at your emotional wellbeing: A lot of people trying to improve their acne holistically begin by stressing over every little nitty gritty detail of their diets. As much as you do not want to believe it (I certainly didn’t), stress and emotions are just as important, if not more important than diet. Do some serious work here, as difficult as it may be, and you will definitely see returns.
  3. Exercise: Moving our bodies is essential to it being healthy. If you’re a couch potato, time to get up and start running, dancing, biking – whatever is fun for you.
  4. Visit with the sandman: Sleep is the time for your body to refuel and do its janitorial duties. If you aren’t getting enough regular sleep, your body can’t do its detoxifying routine. This will catch up with you.
  5. Get outdoors: This includes getting a bit of sunshine each day if you can, breathing fresh air, and becoming at peace, as nature is the place where we can best become centered again.
  6. Stop abusing your face: Harsh creams, face washes, and your picky little fingers are all very detrimental to your skin healing. You wouldn’t want to be poked and prodded, doused in acid and dried out like leather, why would your epidermis?

It doesn’t have to be hard – it’s more like common sense advice that most people in this world should be following – and getting healthy can actually be a lot of fun. Most people stress over it much more than is needed, and that is counterproductive. If you can improve the areas of your lifestyle that need work and simply enjoy the journey of new ideas and self discovery, you will definitely start to see your acne improve. I promise.

Which area of your health could you improve on most? Leave a comment and let me know!

photo by .craig