You know that yellowy hue that curries and Indian food tend to have? Thought it was nasty food dye #5?

I would have thought so too, but it’s not!

It’s actually a revered spice called turmeric which has a myriad of medicinal properties.

What’s Turmeric Going To Do For You?

  • Reduce inflammation. This is turmeric’s shining quality – it’s incredibly anti inflammatory. Acne is inflammation, so we definitely want this!
  • Detoxify your liver! Your liver is your body’s insurance policy, and keeping it tip top will help to keep your body stay healthy.
  • Fight free radicals. Free radicals disrupt and damage the sebum and cells in your skin, so we want them gone.
  • Sooth the digestive tract. Many acne problems start with poor digestion, so relieving digestive discomfort is a major plus.

How Can I Use Turmeric to Relieve Acne and Where Do I Get It?

Turmeric is actually a root that looks much like ginger root.

I’ve only seen the actual root sold once… and that was at Whole Foods, and wow…. it was expensive!

It’s much more commonly found in a powdered spice form and you can get it in the spice aisle of just about any grocery store.

Apparently you can also get big bags full of it at Indian groceries for a few bucks, which is great if you want to use a lot of it!

Just make sure it’s pure turmeric without any other added ingredients.

If you truly want to get the medicinal properties out of turmeric, it’s best to use it consistently… like a spoonful or two per day.

It has a vaguely pungent bitter flavour, but I don’t find the flavour overly strong… so you can add it to your food whenever you can.

Since it has such a bright yellow colour, it can make your food look much more fun and exotic! I find this is especially true of rice dishes.

Other Ways to Take Turmeric

If you can’t find somewhere to hide turmeric in your food each day (I would suggest maybe seeing if it could be disguised in a green smoothie), some people will mix it with water and drink it down.

Some don’t find drinking it very pleasant though, so they’ve decided that buying turmeric capsules from a health food store is the better way to go.

That is definitely more expensive, but you could make a compromise and buy empty capsules and fill them up yourself!

Lastly, if you want to, you can apply it directly to your skin as a mask, and it can help with inflammation and acne scars on the face.

You can mix it with a bit of honey and lemon juice, or perhaps aloe vera gel, and apply it to the skin – let it sit for a while, and gently wash it off.

I have to warn you though, this can turn your skin a bit yellow!

I tried it once, and when I washed it off I thought I thought that I was in the clear on the yellow front… but the next day, in brighter sunlight, my mom asked me what was on my face.

Knowing that she had more tact than to point out an acne blemish, I inquired further as to what she was talking about, and it turned out that according to her ‘it look like I had jaundice’.

Soo…. be careful! hahah … if you dare to venture into the world of turmeric masks, I would suggest maybe leaving it on for only ten to fifteen minutes as opposed to the half hour or so that I had let mine sit.

Do you have any experience with turmeric?

photo by Carlos Lorenzo