Does a healthy lifestyle also treat eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and other skin diseases aside from acne?

The answer is yes, because I have also dealt with painful eczema on my fingers and I have had the same success with clearing it at the same rate as my acne! Find out more in the video, as well as getting a bit of an update on my life and where I’m at! (aaaahhh I still don’t have the internet at my new cabin!)


To make this clear… when I say “consequences” in the video, I don’t mean that you should constantly live in fear of the consequences. I just mean accepting them as they are… I have been slacking off on my health and I realized it. But I chose to do it anyway, knowing that there may be consequences – and I guess that it turns out there are.

Having a return of the eczema is somewhat of a big deal to me because it is associated in my heart with the severe acne (since they were born and died at the same time), but I’m trying to not let it get to me so that I can accept the way things are and calmly go about reversing the situation. Although it can be hard sometimes, I know now that going into hysterical fear will not help it go away any faster, and will be more likely to manifest a return of a major facial breakout. I am instead trying to visualize and feel the way I would if I saw that it was all clearing up and going away – and essentially ushering this outcome into my life. ♥