We all know acne is brutal for self esteem – there is no point denying that. But I know each and every one of you is a beautiful, wonderful person, acne or not, and I want you to show it to the world!

Here are 7 quick things you can do to make sure you are harnessing as much of that inner wonderfulness as you possibly can:

  1. Stop Putting Yourself Down

    Catch yourself every time you think a negative thought about yourself, your skin, or your life. The number of personal put downs sure adds up doesn’t it? How can your raise your self esteem when you are always keeping your own spirits so low?

  2. Give Yourself Compliments

    Don’t focus on what’s wrong, focus on what’s right . And there is plenty that is right with you, my friend! Write down everything that makes you great – physically, personally, or otherwise.

  3. Always Accept Compliments from Others

    Do you find that when someone gives you a compliment, you tend to reply with some reason why it’s not true? (“Oh, these old rags?”). When someone compliments you, reply with a thank you and leave it at that.

  4. Only Associate with Positive People

    Do you have toxic friends or relationships? If you find that you hang out with a lot of unsupportiveย people, it’s a good idea to change that. There is no need to put up with people who don’t support your personal growth or allow you to be who you are.

  5. Get Involved with Things That You Love

    If you spend all your time at a job you hate, and spend your free time sitting in front of the TV, there is no room for you to feel good about your accomplishments. Do things you enjoy and can be proud of.

  6. Take Action

    Do you have a plan that you can’t seem to get motivated to put to action? You can do anything you put your mind to, but if you don’t challenge yourself, you will feel like a failure before you even start. You will feel so much better when you take the steps forward and see a plan take shape – regardless of the result.

  7. Be True to Yourself

    Always be in the place in your life that you want to be because you want to be there! Never make decisions about your life based on what you think others want or expect from you. When you aren’t true to yourself, you will never feel truly empowered!

Ps. I love you ๐Ÿ™‚

photo by ToniVC