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Last post, I told you all about the basics of candida cleansing. But since there are a lot of different opinions on what is allowed on a cleanse and which supplements should be taken, I am here to share with you the exact details of what I am doing for the next few weeks as I go on a homicidal yeast killing campaign.

First of all, what am I eating?

Okay, so as I said, all forms of sugar are the biggest candida culprits, followed by moldy, and yeasty foods. Fungi are also an issue.

So my menu at the moment consists of this:

All non-starchy, non sugary tasting vegetables, organic meat, organic eggs, homemade milk kefir (made from what I believe is raw milk), most soaked nuts and seeds, quality butter, avocados, coconut products and coconut oil, olive oil, lemons, limes, and sea salt.

Foods that are not allowed on the menu during a candida cleanse are:

Sugar in all forms, food additives and processed foods, fruit, cheese, most dairy products, peanuts, pistachios, mushrooms, gluten grains, bread, sugary vegetables like carrots, beets, corn, and sweet potatoes, white foods like potatoes or white rice, vinegar, most fermented foods unless you made them yourself.

To be honest, non gluten, non sugary tasting grains like brown rice and quinoa are where I’m getting hung up. Lots of candida diets will allow these, but many people say that all starches will metabolize into sugar in the body, so they aren’t allowed. At first I had intentions of having no grains or starches at all, but I think I may have small portions of them once a day. The problem is that this diet is extremely low carbohydrate, and personally, I don’t want to go into the state known as ketosis – where your body burns its fat stores as energy instead of the carbohydrates you’re eating. This is great if you are trying to lose weight, but I really don’t want to lose any weight!

Alright, so what supplements am I taking during my cleanse?

  1. First of all, I’m taking a yeast killer I got from the naturopath called Canplex. It contains three potent yeast villians – grapefruit seed extract, pau d’arco, and calcium undecylenate. Apparently it’s quite powerful and the three different antifungals ensure that you are getting all the yeast and you aren’t missing any strains that may be resistant to one or two of them. I’m not clear on whether or not I should take a break from it or switch it up with something else in order to be sure it won’t stop working. I’ll have to think about that some more.
  2. Second, I am taking a liver support supplement that I got from the naturopath called Liv Tox. It’s a blend of milk thistle, turmeric, and some other liver enhancing herbs. You see, the liver is the major detoxification organ of the body, and when you have yeast creating all kinds of toxic by-products, it can get overworked. Liver support is not generally a supplement required for candida cleansing, but it is important to help support it as it goes to work detoxing all the soon to be dead yeast that need to be passed out through the body.
  3. Third, I am taking a good quality probiotic called HMF Forte in order to get in there and repopulate my guts with the good guys. These probiotics are grown from human strains of bacteria (as opposed to animal or plant strains) so they have a high chance of actually adhering to the intestinal tract. I am also taking homemade milk kefir which is another powerful probiotic to help along this process.
  4. Fourth, I am taking a soluble fiber supplement called psyllium husk. This is the gelatinous seed shell of the psyllium plant. Your body can’t digest them, so they go through your  body unchanged. They gel up once inside you and they absorb water, toxins, yeast, and impurities as they move through your digestive tract. They add bulk to your stool and aid peristalsis, which inevitably relieves constipation and other digestive issues.
  5. Fifth, I’m taking Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil. Not that this has anything to do with yeast, it’s just awesome and I think it’s really helped my skin. I plan to take this every day for long after this cleanse is over.

Okay. So there you go. That is what I am doing! I will update soon with notes about how my progress is going 🙂

[UPDATE] – Check out my official candida cleanse program!