This is an excerpt from my upcoming 112 page ebook “Find Your Passion & Live Your Dreams: Guide to Creating the Fulfilling Life You’ve Always Wanted” … to be released… I don’t know, but sometime very soon!

 * Update: It’s been released! Grab your copy now!  *

This ebook is my first project venturing off the acne niche and I’m really excited about it. I want to help people be more than just acne free.

What I’m referring to in this passage is the fundamental thing you need to do to achieve anything in your life that you want.

It could be something simple, or something major like going after your dream job, starting your own business, going travelling overseas. Or it could be a personal goal – like changing your lifestyle in order to get rid of acne (although the ebook is not specifically about that, but all the principles can be applied to that situation). It could be anything that you desire.

The key in all cases is action.


If you want to succeed at living the life of your dreams, you must TAKE ACTION.

Really that’s pretty much all there is to it. It’s what it all boils down to.

Visualization and goal setting is for one purpose only: so that you will take action. ANY action. I know, seems too simple, but it’s the honest to goodness truth, and every day I realize more and more that this is true.

The single biggest difference between those people who achieve their dreams and live interesting fulfilling lives is NOT that they are smarter, more talented, or better looking than you. It’s not even that they planned better and wrote their goals out on paper (I’m certain not all of them did!)

The secret is that they take ACTION. These people take action, and don’t just talk about it.

For example: you know those abstract paintings that you sometimes see that are just, like… a couple of badly drawn streaks of paint on a canvas? The type of thing that looks like a two year old could have done it?

I remember when I used to come across those for sale hanging on walls in cafes or restaurants or galleries – I would think scornfully “Who would buy that? I could easily do that in two seconds, and probably come up with something ten times better in that time”.

But then I realized something:

It doesn’t matter two dogs balls whether or not I could make a better painting than that. That person actually MADE that painting. He got out his paintbrushes, he painted that picture, he actually took his art to this cafe, asked if he could hang it on the wall, and hey – maybe someone will even pay him money for it. Maybe not, but maybe they will – I don’t know.

But I do know one thing for sure – no one is paying me for the paintings in my head that I “could have done better”.

And that is the big difference between that artist and most people. Most people would be too afraid or think it too much effort to actually take action, paint a picture, and send it out to the world where it has the potential to be criticized. Instead it’s easier and a heck of a lot less scary to sit around and criticize the things that other people have made.

This is why most people are not living their dreams. It’s because they give into the fear and do not take any action.

Something that I have come to learn is that no one on this planet really knows what they are doing. In life, in business, in relationships, in everything.

No one knows what they are doing. They’re all just winging it.

Well, maybe some of them know a fair bit now, but they certainly didn’t when they were just starting out. They didn’t have everything figured out. And they still don’t have everything figured out. If they have most things figured out, it’s because they took action and worked hard to know as much as they know now.

All they did in the beginning though was see the first actionable step that was in front of their face, and they took it. Once they took that step, the next step became clear. And they took that one. And they just kept going.

It’s like being in a fog, and as you move ahead a couple of steps, suddenly you can see more than you could before. The more steps you take, the more clear everything becomes.

And here’s the big thing… the first step, and the second step, and all the steps… none of them have to be perfect. We get so paralyzed by having to have everything be perfect before we can reveal ourselves or our creations, or move ahead with our project or goal.

But perfection is an illusion. Nothing is perfect, and if you wait for perfection, nothing will ever happen.


Stay tuned for when the full “Find Your Passion & Live Your Dreams” is released! In it, I will help you overcome the fears that are preventing you from taking action on your dreams (and help you find out what your passions are if you don’t know yet!)

The process described in the ebook is what has allowed me to live an amazing life that is rich and fulfilling, with a great sense of personal accomplishment. It’s the process that I have used to achieve my major life goals: traveling overseas, healing my severe acne, and building my successful blogging business (which is a dream come true – it is an amazing feeling, being excited to “go” to work each day because I get to help people improve their lives while creating abundance for myself)


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