I’ve always believed that there is rarely ONE thing that is causing an acne problem. People are always out there searching for that miracle cure…. the silver bullet that will clear their acne once and for all. I think this is a fruitless search and it’s much more productive to treat your acne with a holistic approach, considering how intricately all our systems are connected.

However, I’m starting to believe that while most people have multiple lifestyle problems that are contributing, most people probably also have one or two major imbalances that are playing a big role. If you figure out what these are for you, targeting them may make the biggest difference to your skin.

There are many different things that you can get to help you assess your health and that I would recommend – allergy testing, hormone testing, buying a blood glucose meter, getting a blood nutrient profile, hypnotherapy, etc. If you were to do all of these… believe me, you’d have a dang good idea what the problem is. But…. obviously, that’s not going to come cheap.

There are a few major imbalances that I’ve identified that will contribute heavily to acne:

  • General poor health, nutrient deficiencies, poor circulation
  • Hormones
  • Food allergies
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Poor digestion, candida, constipation
  • Stress, poor emotional health, poor self esteem
  • Physical irritation, skin picking, really harsh skin care routine

I’m not saying that if you *think* you know which one your major imbalance is that you’re going to be right, or if you try to treat that without doing anything else that it’s necessarily going to work. Our systems really are connected and closely support each other! If you improve one area, it will help to improve the others. And if you don’t improve the others, you may not be able to improve the one you’re going for. So trying to treat your imbalance with a one sided approach will likely not work as well as if you supported all areas. Never, never forget that!

However, the point being – if you have a good suspicion about which one could be your major issue, it can help you decide where to look next. For example, if you think you should get a food allergy test because Tracy said so, but you think that it’s more likely a hormone problem, maybe you should spend your money on a hormone test first. See what I mean?

In my next post, I am going to go over how to figure out for yourself which imbalance may be your biggest acne brewer! Stay tuned!

photo by A6U571N