Remember I wrote a post a while back about how great going barefoot is for your body? In that article, I mentioned that I wanted to pick myself up a pair of Vibram Fivefingers, which are minimalist shoes. They emulate the experience of walking and running barefoot while offering a bit of protection for the feet!

Well I did end up getting a pair, and so far they are a HUGE improvement over my running shoes. Check out the video to get my review of my new footwear!


Important points from the video:

  • If you want to order a pair and you’re in between two sizes, go for the smaller size.
  • If they hurt your feet and give you blisters in the beginning, don’t worry! That’s pretty normal and your feet will toughen up and get used to the shoe. Or you could cut up a bit of old sock and stick it in the sore spot to absorb friction.
  • It seems incredibly obvious to me how much faster I can run in these, and with proper technique.
  • Your calves and leg muscles will be really sore when you first start with these because you’re using different muscles than you’re used to. Start slow and work your way up to running in them!
  • Just a note for those wondering which model I ordered (since I forgot to mention in the video): They’re the ladies Sprint.