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ContactHey lovely friend – I see you’d like to get ahold of us! But before you jump on the old message composer, hold your horses and please read the FAQ below carefully…

There is a 90% chance we’ve already answered your question right here + you can get your answer right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting in Touch with Tracy

Tech & Customer Service Enquiries

Getting in Touch with Tracy

I need help / a question answered about my skin & situation. Can you help me?

My lovely friend… I’m seriously sending you a ton of love and hugs… I definitely understand how you feel.

However, due to the amount of emails I receive, I am unable to answer personal questions about your skin and personal situation over email… not because your questions aren’t important to me, and not because I don’t want to help, but because I receive so many requests, that it is simply impossible. I thank you so much for your understanding about this.

I’ve designed my programs and services so I can give you the best energy, wisdom and goodness that I can, and really help the best way I can.

Here’s How I Can Help You Get Your Questions Answered:

  • The Love Vitamin Blog. I have zillions of free articles, in which there is a good chance that I’ve already answered your question somewhere! (trick: use CTRL+F keyboard shortcut to quickly search a page to find certain words or questions you’re looking for)
  • The Naturally Clear Skin Academy is jam packed with step by step instructions on how to be acne free right now. You also get access to a whole support tribe of acne-butt-kicking sisters, including me! This equates to being able to spend a whole lot of time with me and get your questions answered (via videos, course materials, group calls, and a forum)!

Can I send you my success story and tell you how much you’ve helped me?

Yes please, send it over! Again, I can’t promise a reply due to high email volume but my Support Specialist will make sure I see it (and of course appreciate it deeply!)

Can I guest post on your blog?

Nope, sorry, I’m not accepting guest posts anymore.

Can I send you a product to review on your blog?

Nope, sorry. I’m sure your product is awesome, but I like my website to be completely 100% authentic and only talk about and review things that I would actually buy myself spontaneously, and would then recommend to a friend. Therefore, I don’t accept free products because I don’t like to feel pressured to have to talk or write about it. Thanks for understanding!

Can I advertise on your site?

Nope, sorry, I don’t do paid advertising.

Do you want to promote my skin care products or partner up in some way?

Nope, sorry.

Your website is under performing. Can I offer my SEO services / web development / fancy widget to help you do better?

For the love of god, no! My website is doing just fine, thank you very much :p

Tech & Customer Service Enquiries

I want to buy one of your acne programs, but I don’t have a credit card! Can I pay with Paypal instead?

Sorry no! Credit card is the only way to pay.

I can’t click the links in one of your guides / products. what do I do?

The files are PDF files that are meant to be opened with Adobe Acrobat reader. If you open it with a different app, sometimes the links become unclickable. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader and open it with that program and it should work!

I ordered one of your products but it hasn’t shown up in the mail yet! Where is it?

Hey lovely, sorry for the misunderstanding but all of my products are digital products… meaning there is no physical product and you can download it as soon as you buy it and start reading / watching / clearing your skin right away! No waiting by the mailbox. Just go back to the email you got when you purchased it and you will find the download links.

What’s your refund policy?

Naturally Clear Skin Academy, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Still Ready to Press Send?

Okay 🙂 The support email is – you can expect a reply from one of my support folks within 3 business days, generally.

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