Are You Sick Of Feeling Anxious
and Ashamed After Picking Your Skin,
Popping Pimples, Or Staring In The Mirror?

Cure Your Skin Compulsions

What Can This Ebook Do For You?

  • Tell you step by step how you can stop picking, popping, touching, or staring at your skin for good.
  • Help you to finally feel normal again, because you won’t have to hide a shameful secret anymore.
  • Reduce your acne, as well as other picking related marks and scars, which will make your skin look amazing and you feel great.
  • Teach you how to identify and eliminate the underlying emotions and beliefs that drive you to go after your skin.
  • Show you how to be in control of your skin, instead of letting it control you!
  • Teach you how to finally feel free from painful and irrational skin compulsions!


Finally Quit Squeezing, Picking, and Obsessing For Good

Dear friend,

You know what really sucks?

I bet you don’t even have to guess too hard. The answer is ACNE!!!

You know what sucks even more?

When you have acne or some other skin problem, and you want it to go away more than anything in the entire world, yet for some reason you might feel utterly and irrationally compelled to:

  • Incessantly pop and squeeze pimples, blackheads, and basically anything you can find to pop, big or small.
  • Pick at acne, scabs, or other real or perceived imperfections on the skin, sometimes to the point of causing scarring.
  • Constantly touch your skin to feel acne, and search around for anything “new” coming up.
  • Stare in the mirror at your skin for hours and hours on end.

Stop skin picking and obsessing

You always end up feeling a heck of a lot worse after doing these things – either because the constant touching and staring won’t let you forget for even a second this horrible thing called acne, or because your picking and popping sessions have left you with big bright red scabs and marks that look a lot worse than the spots you started with!

Here are just some of the negative effects of compulsive skin behaviours:

  • Stress, shame, frustration, and plenty of self-loathing.
  • Avoiding people and situations so you can hide your self-created scars and marks.
  • Pushing bacteria further into skin which creates more acne.
  • Never forgetting about your skin troubles even for a second because you are always touching and staring at it.
  • Picking and popping creates red marks which makes your skin look worse than it did before and are difficult to hide.
  • Wasting tons of your time in front of the mirror.
  • Fear of getting help or telling anyone because you are “doing it to yourself”.

You KNOW it’s not good for you or your skin.

You know this because it makes you feel totally crazy every time you do it.

But no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to stop doing it. You desperately want to stop. You’ve tried, in fact. Many times.

But for some reason, you just. can’t. stop.

Sometimes it feels like you are actually possessed!!

Believe me, I know how it is. I know how these behaviours can make you feel ashamed, out of control, desperate, anxious, and a bit like a freak.

This is because I’ve had my fair share of battles with staring in the mirror for hours, compulsively touching my skin, and popping every little zit in sight and not being able to know how I can stop doing this thing that makes me feel so desperate and insane.

And you know what? Picking and popping at my skin only made my skin a hundred times worse and just invited more and more acne to show up. It was so horrible!

When my acne was severe and at it’s worst, it wasn’t until I finally said “enough” and stopped popping and picking that my skin made a HUGE leap forward to being clear.

Quit Skin Picking

While I did manage to stop picking and popping back then, no matter how hard I tried I still couldn’t stop the compulsive urges to touch and stare at my skin in the mirror all the time.

For years this caused me a great deal of stress because by paying so much attention to my skin, I was always thinking about acne and how afraid I was about getting pimples. This made me feel very needlessly anxious because I couldn’t get my mind off it and just live my life.

But luckily after a very long search and many failures, I have finally found methods which actually work to stop all skin compulsions!

I’ve managed to kick all my compulsive skin habits using these methods. It was difficult at first, but I do feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I have noticed the day to day anxiety about my skin has been virtually non-existant since quitting touching and staring at my skin (my longest held habits), because I am not constantly bringing it to my brain’s attention anymore. I am much more able to focus on other things for long periods of time without my acne popping into my head and getting me caught up in my fears.

Plus, ever since I stopped popping and picking at pimples, my skin has never looked better!!

And now I get to share these methods with you, my lovely, darling, and beautiful friend!


What You Will Learn Inside
‘Cure Your Skin Compulsions’

  • Why you can’t help yourself when it comes to picking/popping/touching/staring
  • Healthy ways to let your anger out so that you don’t take it out on your skin
  • How to identify and release anxiety and fears that may be behind your compulsions
  • Step by step guide to two psychology based techniques used in clinical therapy for treating compulsive skin picking
  • A proven method that ensures that your urges to pick and pop will go away and not come back
  • Ways to support your body and brain through this process so that the “long term goals” part of the brain is stronger than the “right now urges” part of the brain
  • How to hack your thoughts so that uncomfortable situations don’t stress you out as much
  • The best ways to stop compulsive skin behaviours by yourself at home without having to tell anyone about your problem or pay for expensive therapy

Q&As about Skin Compulsions & This Ebook:

Q. I’ve been diagnosed with Dermatillomania, is this book enough for me?

A. Dermatillomania, or Compulsive Skin Picking (CSP), is an advanced form of skin picking that is classified as its own disorder. The two main techniques used in this book are psychology based and what real psychologists use to treat patients with CSP, so yes, this book is for you! You may still prefer to have support in working through the program, if that is the case I have included in the ebook the name of a psychologist who one of the leading experts in treating CSP. He offers consultations over the phone and Skype.

Q. I’m not sure if I have a problem because I only pick and pop occasionally, but every time I do it makes me feel guilty and stressed. Do I need this ebook or is it only for people with severe cases?

A. If you feel you are not in control of the action and feel stressed by it in any capacity, this book is for you. Here’s the thing – it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality of the action. If you feel like you are doing it against your will and feeling any sort of negative consequences, no matter how often you do it, than you deserve to kick this habit and that stress out of your life!

Q. I’ve tried to quit before and I always go right back to it a few days later. How do I know this is going to work?

You can’t just resist the urges on willpower alone. You need to be following a tried and true system so you have steps to follow and can see your path to success. Plus you need to work on eliminating the fear and anxiety that is the culprit behind most compulsions, and THEN you will be successful. This ebook will show you exactly how to get there!

Q. Is this program complicated? Do I have to tell people what I’m doing?

Nope, the steps involved are actually very simple once you see them explained. And while having support from people you love is always a great thing and highly encouraged, you never have to tell anyone that you are going through these steps if you don’t want to.


“This ebook has changed my life, truly. I now believe that my face will heal."

I was really struggling with skin picking and anxiety about potential acne. However, your skin picking ebook is AWESOME! I’ve been able to stop picking for something like 8 days at a time. And my skin is healing so much faster because of the no picking and some of the natural products you endorse. It has changed my life, truly. I now believe that my face will heal.

- Sarah S, Illinois

“I think this ebook on how to stop picking your skin is truly brilliant!"

Hi Tracy!

I just wanted to tell you that I think the e-book on how to stop picking etc. your skin is truly brilliant! My skin isn’t really that bad (acne, I mean), but I have a lot of scars because I’m terrible at keeping my hands away from pimples and blackheads. I just CAN’T stop. And EVERY time I do it I feel guilty afterwards, but it doesn’t stop me from doing it again. Your book has been amazing 🙂

-Lia, Roseburg, OR

“My skin is as beautiful as it was in high school and I am so, so happy

After my once-pristine skin began to break out around my 21st birthday, I went been on every acne treatment available. Antibiotics, topical retinols, salycilic acid, BP, things whose names I don’t even remember, Two rounds of Accutane, a gluten free diet, a dairy free diet, a sugar free diet…Nothing fixed my acne because I couldn’t stop picking at my skin. Maybe the medications would have helped, but between their irritating side effects and my compulsive picking my skin never stood a chance.

I read Cure Your Skin Compulsions – at first I kept a tally of hours I could go without picking or popping. And then I counted days instead of hours. Now the thought of squeezing the skin on my face, or putting a needle (my go-to pimple popping method) or rough abrasive exfoliant–used to use daily–on my skin is repulsive to me now.

I have had ZERO (*knocks on wood*) actual pimples. Tiny red spots that surface and disappear within 24 hours, small clogged pores that are invisible along my hairline. A small spot that grew inflamed because I caved and squeezed it. But no pimples that formed on their own. No cysts. No whiteheads. My skin is as beautiful as it was in high school and I am so, so happy.

-Cati T.

“Tracy understands everything that acne sufferers go through, and she walks her readers through health and healing with positivity, empathy, and great insight about the psychological impacts of acne"

Reading Tracy’s book, I felt as though she got me. She understands everything that acne sufferers go through, and she walks her readers through health and healing with positivity, empathy, and great insight about the psychological impacts of acne.

For that reason, Cure Your Skin Compulsions, is simply wonderful. Quitting picking is one of the most important factors of skin health, and Tracy might have, after all of the times I have read this advice, finally convinced me to quit picking at my skin.

Cure Your Skin Compulsions also walks you through a step by step process of not picking, giving you specific action steps for specific weeks, months, and turning points in your physiological and psychological journey.

This book would have saved my life and my soul several years ago. I’ve learned boatloads through my struggles, but with Tracy I am pretty sure I would have been able to avoid them.

- Stefani Ruper,

Are You Ready to Take Back Control?

Buy this ebook now and today will be the last day that you find yourself covered in scars and marks at the mercy of your own hands. It will be the last day that you suffer in front of the mirror.

Make the choice now to control your skin, instead of letting it control you. Do it now and you will take back your life, and find yourself happier than you’ve felt in a long time. Other people have made this decision, and it was one of the best they’ve ever made.

Quit Skin Picking

You are a beautiful, gorgeous soul who is worth putting in the effort to go through this process of quitting! You deserve so SO much happiness, and I hate seeing you suffer with this unnecessary and totally fixable problem.

And you can fix this problem, right now. For an extremely affordable price.

If you went to see a psychotherapist specialized in skin picking, you’d pay well over $200 an hour to be told the information which I am sharing with you here. I should be selling this for at least $49. But you can get it for FREE when you join the Naturally Clear Skin Academy.

  • YES, I want to stop picking at and obsessing over my skin
  • YES, I want my skin to look the best that it possibly can
  • YES, I want to take back control
  • YES, I want to feel amazing, confident, and stress free!


Get Cure Your Skin Compulsions and put that horrible feeling of self loathing behind you forever. You deserve it. Just click below to become an Academy gal and start taking your life back right now:

Lots of love,
Tracy Raftl
Tracy Raftl

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