Sick of Stubborn Hormonal Acne
Making You Feel Frustrated and Ashamed?

Finally Get Rid of It For Good
With the Help of this Epic Package!

  • Are you one of the millions of adult women who break out
throughout the month, and it drives you insane?
  • Do you know or suspect that your acne is
caused by your hormones?
  • Do you feel utterly confused about how your hormones work, to the point where you feel completely helpless to ever make the breakouts stop?
  • Do you wish that someone would just tell you exactly how
to make it go away so you can stop feeling ashamed?

Is hormonal acne driving you crazy?

If the above sounds like you … please read on!

You’re totally not alone. Almost 50% of adult women experience acne due to hormonal imbalances … but they don’t have to!

“With the help of this guide, I went from having severe acne (like teenage boy in puberty acne) to now. You have turned my life around. It is the only thing that has even touched my acne and has been a god send"

I suffered from severe acne starting about 3 months after I stopped taking the birth control pill. I tried multiple antibiotics and topical ointments that did not make any difference in my acne. 4 months later, I stumbled upon The Love Vitamin and Tracy’s Hormonal Acne Guide, and that severe acne is history.

First and foremost, I have learned to love and accept myself no matter what my skin looks like. But using a combination of supplements that Tracy recommends in this guide really has turned my situation around. It is the only thing that has even touched my acne and has been a god send. It has also really helped me to better understand my hormonal acne and what I was going through.

I went from having severe acne (like teenage boy in puberty acne) to now, mild breakouts every other week or so. You have turned my life around. It has been the only thing to make a difference in my skin and I’m not sure if I could have mentally handled to have severe acne any longer, so it came just in time. I never suffered with any type of acne before this event so it rocked my world pretty significantly when it happened, and I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t stumbled upon your site. The support and information I have gained from The Love Vitamin is priceless.

I can now say, surprisingly, that acne is the best thing that has ever happened to me – by far. It caused me to change so many aspects of my life. From eating clean, staying fit, to truly loving myself despite my looks, I have gained such invaluable life lessons that I’m not sure I ever would have had it not been for the acne.

- Courtney K, 24, North Carolina

What Can The Hormonal Acne Guide Do For You?

  • Explain how your hormones cause acne so that you no longer feel confused
  • Give you the tools to figure out exactly which hormonal imbalance is causing your acne
  • Give specific suggestions and instructions tailored to your situation
  • Stop those confidence killing hormonal breakouts in their tracks

What Else Can It Do?

  • Heal the underlying imbalance that is causing your acne
  • Remove all the other hormonal symptoms that make you feel terrible
  • Address your mood swings, anxiety, lack of energy, hirsutism, hair loss, infertility, etc
  • Give you your confidence back
  • Make you feel beautiful
  • Stop the cycle of shame
  • Leave you absolutely glowing every single day of the month!
No more hormonal acne

You Don’t Have to Let Hormonal
Acne Get You Down Anymore!

Dear friend,

I know acne makes you feel utterly and completely horrible. Mortified. Ashamed. Sad. Like you want to run and hide. Believe me, I’ve been there, and cried many tears over acne.

Unfortunately, many women think that when they have hormonal acne, there’s nothing they can do about it. That it’s just their luck of the draw. They got the bad genes, the terrible periods, and the acne curse.

Hormonal acne is NOT normal. PMS is NOT normal. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) CAN be sent into remission and your skin can be clear – WITHOUT the nasty side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and birth control pills.

While hormonal acne can be the most stubborn acne of all, this does NOT mean that hormonal acne is something that cannot be treated. Your hormones do not work independently of the rest of the body. They are affected by many different things that are within your control!

Many women resort to controlling the symptoms of hormonal acne with drugs such as Spirolactone and birth control pills. While these often work while you’re on them, they never solve the underlying problem. As soon as you go off them, the problem returns and often makes it much worse!

Well, I’m happy to tell you that you can heal the underlying imbalance that is creating the acne completely naturally, so that you can have permanently clear skin AND no longer experience any other miserable hormonal stuff, or nasty side effects from acne drugs.

No more acne, PMS, painful cramps, missing periods, lack of sex drive, mood swings, hair loss, infertility, male pattern hair growth, and more!

Most importantly – no more shame, crying, hiding, and feeling miserable and sad about acne.

Me with Severe Acne
In my case, I used to have devastating, soul-crushingly severe acne as you can see above, which I was able to clear about 90% with diet and lifestyle changes.

The basis of all natural acne treatment is to support your body with love, exercise, sleep, and nutrients so that your body can work properly and support healthy hormones, and healthy skin.

And that indeed works very well for all types of acne – including hormonal!

But sometimes you just get some hormonal acne that is so darn stubborn that it won’t budge, and it requires an extra tailor made solution.

After getting rid of most of my acne, I was still stuck with these ugly pustules around my chin that would come and go throughout the month. It was so stubborn that no matter what I tried, it would not go away. I also had a lot of clogged pores on my forehead. It drove me up the wall and made me feel very frustrated and ashamed (especially since I was supposed to be an “acne guru!”). Every time I broke out, my anxiety went crazy.

After several frustrating years with nothing working, I finally found a certain thing that made a MASSIVE difference to my hormonal acne. Finally my skin was as clear as I wanted it to be! In fact it hadn’t looked that smooth and even and gorgeous in years!


No more hormonal acne
I finally realized for sure what a huge effect female hormones have on our skin. I could see it in front of my own eyes.

But even then I was still very confused about hormones and how they worked exactly.

I just knew hormones and hormonal acne were very complex, and each woman was different. Not everyone’s hormonal acne could be solved in the same way as mine.

I became determined to figure it all out once and for all.

I wanted to be able to explain it all to you, how the different imbalances cause acne in females, and what could be done about each one. And so I did; with this book. This isn’t a cookie cutter solution, it is tailored for each one of you individually.

I am SO excited to bring you this ebook. There’s nothing like it on the market, and I seriously wish I had read an ebook like this a few years ago.

In fact, I would have KILLED to have to read a guide like this. It would have answered so many questions for me.

How Do You Know If You Have Hormonal Acne?

Acne is caused by many different things. Often it’s some combination of hormones, gut problems, an inflammatory diet or stress levels, and bad external skin care choices.

The acne we’re talking about here is female hormonal acne, in which the main cause lies within the balance between the sex hormones – estrogen, progesterone, and the male hormones testosterone and androgens.

While you may not know 100% whether your acne is hormone related without testing, if any of the following ring true, you can probably guess that hormones are at least partly to blame:

Typical characteristics of female hormonal acne:

  • Comes in Cycles - hormonal acne often comes and goes (or lessens or worsens) with the menstrual cycles. Popular times for it to appear are at ovulation, before the period, or during the period. Some forms of hormonal acne can persist all the time.
  • Often cystic – hormonal acne is often cystic (large fluid filled acne bumps). Hormonal acne can also be less severe – smaller papules or pustules, as well as clogged pores.
  • Around Mouth and Chin - hormonal acne most often appears first and foremost around the mouth, chin, and sometimes jawline. As it gets worse, it can spread to the cheeks, forehead, and other parts of the body.
  • Stubborn - changing your diet and lifestyle helps a lot, but not completely. External skin care might work really well to get rid of some of your acne, but won’t get rid of this stuff.
  • Other Hormonal Symptoms – hormonal acne rarely presents itself in isolation. If you experience other typical hormonal symptoms like crazy PMS, irregular periods, anxiety, trouble sleeping, hirsutism, weight gain, mood swings, etc, then your acne is likely hormonal.

Here’s What You Get When You
Purchase the Hormonal Acne Guide Package:

Hormonal Acne Package

The Guide to Female Hormonal Acne Ebook
– valued at $99

Treat Female Hormonal Acne

What Will You Learn In This E-Guide That Will Help
You Get Rid of Hormonal Acne Once and For All?

  • Exactly how your hormones work
  • Which hormones cause acne, including those you’ve never heard of
  • The top reasons that your hormones go out of whack
  • The one thing that completely changed the face of hormonal acne for me (it’s nothing to do with diet!)
  • Ways to figure out which hormone imbalance you have
  • Exact instructions on how to get your hormones tested so you can know for sure
  • Top secret info on where to get your hormones tested on the cheap
  • Specific lifestyle and supplement recommendations to treat each hormone imbalance
  • All about the different types of PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) & why you might have it even if you don’t fit the typical PCOS mold
  • The #1 food that causes hormonal acne
  • How to get off the birth control pill without breaking out
  • How to get rid of the dreaded post-birth control pill hormonal breakout
  • Options for natural birth control methods

You Also Get These Amazing 100% FREE Bonus Guides

Not only do you get all this, you also get two extra special handbooks that give detailed instructions on two things that are very important to keeping hormones balanced – exercise and stress levels.

FREE Bonus #1 – The Stress & Hormones
Handbook – valued at $29

Stress has a big impact on hormones, but how do you actually deal with stress effectively so that it doesn’t show up on your skin?

This handbook will show you specific strategies to relax, reduce stress, and stop letting things get to you so you can be happy and glowing all the time!

Stress & Hormones Handbook

FREE Bonus #2 – The Weight & Fitness Handbook
– valued at $29

Did you know that how you exercise and your method of weight loss or weight gain could have a significant impact on your hormones and acne?

Learn how to exercise and lose or gain weight safely and sustainably so that you are carving a path toward clear skin heaven instead of acne hell.

Weight & Fitness Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions About
The Hormonal Acne Guide:

Q. Is this e-package for me?

A. If you’re a woman who suspects your acne is hormonal and is interested in healing the underlying cause, I would highly recommend it. Learning how your hormones work, how they create acne, and what to do about it is priceless information. As I said, I seriously wish a guide like this existed a few years ago so I could have read it.

Q. Is this information suitable for teenagers?

A. I recommend this book for women about 16 to 17 years up to menopausal age. I believe an understanding of your hormones would be extremely beneficial information to learn at a young age, but I simply do not know how the information in the book would affect a younger teenager going through puberty. Therefore, I can’t recommend it.

Q. I have PCOS, or think I do, is this guide going to help me?

PCOS is a complicated condition which is treated very narrow-mindedly by the medical establishment. You may not be aware that there are different types of PCOS with different causes, which I discuss in the book. PCOS can indeed be treated and reversed with completely natural means described in this ebook.

Q. I think I have hormonal acne, but I got tested and my results were normal. What’s the deal?

If you got a blood test with a doctor, it may not have been accurate. If you have all the signs of hormonal acne and experience other hormonal symptoms, then this book will help you and let you know how to get your hormones tested accurately.

“My skin is clear!!! All month long!!!! Thank you SO much from me and my skin."

Before I found this guide, I was seriously struggling with hormonal acne. Hormones have always been my Mt Everest – daunting and overwhelming! Loved the Guide to Female Hormonal Acne! Thank you for compiling such important information into such an easy to digest format.

I started taking some of the supplements that you recommend and my skin is clear!!! All month long!!!! Thank you SO much from me and my skin. I think you are doing an amazing service! Don’t change!

- Juniper, 34, California

“Without your guide, I might never have heard of PCOS, which I was then tested and diagnosed with! My skin is definitely improving with each step I take!"

I bought the hormonal acne guide as I have had moderate acne for the past five years, and always had acne around my chin. I was so glad I bought the guide because without having read it, I might never have even heard of PCOS. But thanks to your ebook, I recognised many of the symptoms in myself and was able to get tested and diagnosed. I now understand my body much more and am eating much more healthfully…

Through reading this guide and the posts on your site, I’ve learned so much about food, health and how to take care of my body naturally. My skin is definitely improving with each step I take!

- Jass, Red Deer, Alberta

“This guide has amazing tips and tricks that I didn’t know about – you’ve got to read it!"

The Love Vitamin’s Guide to Hormonal Acne was an amazing read that I wish I had sooner! I struggled with hormonal acne for almost 15 years along my jawline, chin and mouth that was so embarrassing and would just not go away. If I had read this guide sooner I might have been able to recognize the signs and symptoms of my hormonal acne and would have started treating my “acne-type” sooner!

This guide is great for anyone struggling to figure out the best treatments for their hormonal acne; it has amazing tips and tricks that I didn’t know about- you’ve got to read it!

- Jill Therese,

“My skin has started to get a lot clearer!"

I was struggling with adult acne before I found this guide. I want to thank you for all of your helpful advice. I learned to take a look at what I’m putting in my body, and as a result, my skin has started to get a lot clearer!

- Rebekah E, 36, Colorado

“Since following the recommendations in the ebook for my type of hormonal imbalance, I have definitely noticed less acne, and when I do get a spot, it tends to go away in a day or two!"

Before stumbling upon The Love Vitamin, I had been struggling with acne, ranging from mild to moderate and so annoyingly persistent since age 14. I have tried almost everything out there from expensive facial products to Accutane. The lovely bumps always came back for an encore appearance!

The Guide To Female Hormonal Acne was the best source of knowledge I could ever ask for. I took the salvia test recommended in the book and learned how unbalanced my hormones were and so I started some of the supplements you recommend to help my body out. It has almost been 3 months and so far I have noticed an improvement to my skin and to my PMS (which is almost nonexistent at this point!).

Since following the recommendations in the ebook for my type of hormonal imbalance, I have definitely noticed less acne, and when I do get a spot, it tends to go away in a day or two. I am excited that my skin seems much more manageable now!

- Krystel E, 30, Colorado

So… are you sick of letting hormonal acne ruin your life?

Don’t stand for it a second longer! You’re worth solving this problem for good. You’re gorgeous, beautiful and AMAZING! You deserve to feel like it all the time. With this guide, you can.

You deserve flawless skin

Don’t wait! Get this guide now and
Start kicking hormonal acne butt!

Here’s a recap of what you get when you purchase The Love Vitamin’s hormonal acne package:

  • The Love Vitamin’s Guide to Female Hormonal Acne Ebook – valued at $99
  • The Stress and Hormones Handbook – valued at $29
  • The Weight and Fitness Handbook – valued at $29

This package is valued at $149 but you get it for FREE when you join the Naturally Clear Skin Academy!

  • YES, I want to understand my hormones!
  • YES, I want to get rid of my hormonal acne!
  • YES, I want to stop hiding and get my self esteem back!
  • YES, I want to feel beautiful every single day of the month!

Hormonal Acne Package

Click below to claim your copy right now and get the skin you always wanted… every single day!

Lots of love,
Tracy Raftl
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