The Naturally Clear Skin Academy


From ashamed, lonely, and afraid of what your skin is going to do next… to feeling confident, carefree, and ready for anything.
You can't handle this anxiety anymore

Every day is a battle waking up to another ugly, emotionally painful breakout.


You fear that if you don't sort this out, it's only going to get worse.

You fear that if you don't, your skin will be permanently scarred...


You are terrified that you will look back on your life and only see the things you didn’t do, the people you didn’t connect with, and the carefree feelings you never got to feel …. all because of this f&^*ing acne.

Girl, I get it. I so get it.

And that is why I am the best one to guide you on this journey

I remember all the pain and suffering, the shame and the exhaustion of waking up to an unrecognizable face. The hiding, the calculated maneuvers to avoid eye contact, to shrink, to become invisible.

But I found a way out. A permanent way out. A way that SUPPORTS your body and skin to heal, rather than ineffectively waging war with it.

And I’ve now been a guiding light to over 70,000 women on their natural acne journeys since 2011. I have lived and breathed acne for the last 9 years. I KNOW how to clear women’s acne better than anyone out there. 

Tracy R
There is hope, and I'm going to show you

The naturally clear skin academy will show you exactly how to take back control of your skin

And I’m writing to YOU if you are totally ready to create the flawless skin of your dreams. I’m going to teach you how to start making smart skin and lifestyle choices that’ll get your skin looking gorgeous, for some people in as little as two weeks.

Not only that, it’ll show you how you can keep it that way – for life.

This is the world’s premier community for women who want to know how to gorgeously, naturally clear skin for life and create true and lasting self love from the inside out.

Happy clear skin

“I’m so happy to not be worrying about the giant red mountains on my chin anymore!”

I was pretty unhappy with the way my skin looked before I joined the Naturally Clear Skin Academy.

I constantly had awful, cystic acne all over my face that couldn’t be covered with makeup (or makeup just highlighted the spots), and was so embarrassed by it. I felt like everyone was staring at it all the time.

I’m so happy to not be worrying about the giant red mountains on my chin anymore! I would definitely recommend this program!

– Laci M, 29, California

"I am now 100% clear of my back acne and about 90% clear on my face and chest!"

I was suffering from acne, on face neck and back. I learned so much about acne and hormones from you! As well as how to let go of stress put on myself from not following the “perfect” skin diet.

I am now 100% clear of my back and about 90% clear on my face and chest! The only reason I have noticeable spots now is because I am still trying to quit the picking!

– Jenny R, 29, Wisconsin

"I am almost 100% acne free!"

I was filled with acne. Over my cheeks and entire face. You have helped me a lot. Your advices in the Academy about diet, cosmetic, mind, and exercise, etc. Every advice is amazing. I am almost 100% acne free!!!

– Maria G, 27, Mexico

"Your experience and advise has made a big difference in my life, my skin, and how I feel about myself."

The biggest thing that I get from your site and Academy, and only from yours, is the healing of the psychological distress that comes with being an acne sufferer.

Healing from the inside is huge with this issue and I love that you get that and speak gently from experience (not that I would wish this experience on anyone).

You have created a space where other people can heal as well. I’m sure you get emails all the time like this, but your experience and advise has made a big difference in my life, my skin, how I feel about myself. Thank you so much for sharing.

– Lauren J, 33, New York

The Love Vitamin Review

"I feel confident, beautiful, and like my skin is finally glowing."

I had moderate to severe hormonal acne, peri-oral dermatitis, skin sensitivities. I was ready for Accutane and researching my options when I stumbled upon The Love Vitamin. 

Tracy’s approach to skin care just makes sense, more than anything my doctor has told me. And it works! I’m nourishing my body and my skin is healthier for it. I feel confident, beautiful, and like my skin is finally glowing. 

– Meagan H, 30, Saskatchewan

"My skin is clear!!! All month long!!!! Thank you SO much from me and my skin."

Before I found the Academy and your hormonal acne guide, I was seriously struggling. Hormones have always been my Mt Everest – daunting and overwhelming!

Loved the Guide to Female Hormonal Acne! Thank you for compiling such important information into such an easy to digest format.

I started taking some of the supplements that you recommend and my skin is clear!!! All month long!!!! Thank you SO much from me and my skin. I think you are doing an amazing service! Don’t change.

-Juniper, 34, California

- Just imagine this -

The Academy will give you the confidence to DEEPLY connect with others, stay present, and truly enjoy your life

You deserve to wake up looking forward to what's to come

You deserve to have skin you feel proud to walk around in. And I believe in YOUR ability to CREATE that dream skin and so in such a way that you never have to compromise your health, your social life, or your sanity. 

Naturally Clear Skin
Are you ready for the Academy?

You're going to get every darn tool I've ever created so you can finally feel confident, gorgeous and carefree

You’re going to know exactly what to eat, what to put on your skin, which supplements to take, and get all the education behind WHY you’re doing it. 

And I’m not just talking about The Academy providing you these tools so you can have great health and a gorgeous complexion (although I certainly can and will help you get both of those things!)

I’m talking also about doing the really deep work that you need to do to deal with the emotions around acne, and finally get a handle on what YOU need in order to create and keep your skin gorgeous for the rest of your life.

Ladies, this shit is life changing. You ready for it? 

“My result? 100% clear skin (better than ever) with zero effort”

Before The Love Vitamin, I was struggling with acne and bad digestion. From you I learned about how to care for my gut, as well as that less is more, being “lazy” can be good, letting go…. things got better when I stopped trying so hard.

I learned to let my body do its thing and not “meddle” so much, which led me to a much happier and more relaxed routine. I learned to be nicer to myself and therefore really liking myself a lot more.

The result? 100% clear skin (better than ever) with zero effort. I stopped doing anything, I don’t even wear makeup anymore. I also save a lot of money and I have great digestion (can’t remember the last time I had a smelly fart!). Thanks!

-Esther B, 26, Vancouver

Sarah C Before and After

"The Love Vitamin really has changed my life. I don't obsess about my face anymore."

I’ve struggled with acne for nearly 15 years. Cycling through antibiotics, birth control, and topicals for all my teenage years.

The Love Vitamin really has changed my life. I don’t obsess about my face anymore, and am able to enjoy living in a new country, working a new job, and travelling to new places!

– Sarah C, 27, UK

"I went from considering Accutane to not even wearing makeup anymore"

Before the Academy, I was struggling with self confidence issues because of acne, and I was trying to fix it with too many products.

Thanks to Tracy, I have learned to use less on my face and it has helped so much. I’ve also realized thanks to her that it could be be a hormonal problem. I also learned not to be so scared of food and worrying that eating one unhealthy thing will cause me to break out!

I have almost completely cleared up. I went from considering Accutane to not even wearing makeup anymore and having more self confidence.

-Abbey F, 19, United States

"The Academy has helped me so so much!!! Thank you!!!!"

I was suffering from really severe hormonal acne. Thanks to you and the Academy, I learned that my acne was not all about the external stuff I was cleaning my face with and that most all my acne was because of my gut and hormones!

You have helped me so so much with your info!!! Thank you!!!! My skin is doing so much better after I began taking a few of the supplements you recommend and eating cleaner… I even lost weight! 🙂

– Christy G, 18, Texas

"I’ve had amazing results not just in my skin, but in my self compassion. I’m so much happier"

I loved your program, which is like a handbook for clearing acne. I was suffering from severe cystic acne post pill and I’ve had amazing results not just in my skin but in my self compassion and my whole lifestyle has changed. I’m so much happier.

I love you Tracy! You saved me from a very dark place!

– Rachel W, 28, Hong Kong

"Within two months my terrible acne cysts had all stopped!"

I had terrible cystic acne, and I learned from Tracy about the fact that diet, traditional acne products, and certain birth control methods can be causing some of the worst acne I have!

My skin is responding to a healthier diet and natural products better than years of Proactiv and harsh cleansers!

Within two months my terrible acne cysts had all stopped. I am so glad I found this information!!

– Ashley S, 29, Iowa

Here's what you get in the Academy!

To get you the results you want in your skin, fast, and then maintain them for life.

Over $2000 of value for only a couple hundred dollars

Why is this so affordable? I wanted to make something every Love Vitamin woman can be part of and KNOW that she is receiving everything she needs to change her skin for life, and really get past all the emotional shit that acne brings along. 

Naturally clear skin - The secrets to permanent acne freedom

This book contains the foundational knowledge of my entire system, and all the secrets that cleared my, and thousands of my followers', skin. Learn to erase the root of what causes acne, instead of just covering it up. - Valued at $149

The Naturally Clear Skin Bootcamp

Step-by-step course to help you implement what you learned in the book. Six weeks to go from feeling unattractive, frustrated, and ashamed to feeling sexy, confident, and free, with the beautifully clear skin of your dreams! - Valued at $997

Guide to Female Hormonal Acne

Confused by your hormones and how they lead to breakouts? Don't blame ya! I break down the confusion and offer solution based advice for hormonal acne - Valued at $149

7 Day Candida Cleanse Challenge

Step-by-step guide and recipes for an acne clearing cleanse. Reboot your digestive system, lower inflammation, and balance your skin. I have found this protocol highly effective for clearing skin fast - Valued at $199

Cure Your Skin Compulsions

Picking it, popping it, touching it, and obsessing over it doesn't mix well with clear skin (ie - it makes you break out!) - This book offers psychology based advice so you can quit these destructive habits for good and finally clear your skin - Valued at $49

Caveman Regimen: The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide on how to simplify and let go of your unruly, anxiety producing skin care routine, in favour of something much more gentle, freeing, and effective. - Valued at $129

Post Acne Syndrome: How to Stop Fearing Acne & Start Living

This is for you if you're clear or almost clear, but still live in fear of acne. A step-by-step process for freedom - how to change your identity from "a person with acne that could strike at any moment" to a clear person who doesn't even think about it - Valued at $97

Academy Members Only Mastermind

This may be the best part of the whole program: an active members-only forum where you can discuss your questions, challenges, successes with me and other driven women determined to clear their skin. Most people in your life don't get it. We do. - Valued at $399

Bonus content & Coaching Call Recordings

Get all sorts of bonus content including recordings of 12 Q&A calls with me. Got questions about how your path to clear skin and your most amazing life? We've got answers. - Valued at $129

“I’ve had so many compliments on my skin. People are amazed at my transformation!”

I’d been in a horrible situation where I avoided mirrors and cameras for years, not wanting anyone to see what I looked like. Nothing was working. 

Since starting the Academy, I feel much happier, my skin has cleared up and I only get the occasional break out and I haven’t had cystic acne since starting four months ago.

I finally feel like I am living and it’s such a good feeling. I’m finally brave enough to go out and do things that I wanted to do that I was scared to do because I was self conscious about my acne.

I have had so many complements on my skin and my overall health. People who I haven’t seen in months are amazed at my transformation.

– Natalie M, 27, Wisconsin

"Tracy has given me the tools to fix my own skin, and it’s so much better!"

I had cystic acne outbreaks on the lower half of my face, especially the jawline. Once the outbreak started, it seemed to spread in the general area – if i had 2 today, tomorrow I would have 3.

Tracy has given me the tools to fix my own skin. Before Love Vitamin I felt very hopeless and didn’t know where to turn to. She inspired me to want to live a more natural and healthier lifestyle in general and maybe to try not to worry so much about what I look like … as a result, my skin is so much better! 

– Glenys H, 37, South Africa

Love Vitamin review

"This is the only thing that has even touched my acne and it's been a god send."

I suffered from severe acne after I stopped birth control pills. I tried multiple antibiotics and topical ointments and nothing made a difference. 

4 months later, I stumbled upon The Love Vitamin and the acne is history. I went from having severe (like teenage boy in puberty acne) to now mild breakouts every other week or so. You have turned my life around! It’s the only thing that has worked, and it came just in time.

– Courtney K, 24, North Carolina

"My acne is 100x better than it used to be!!"

I was struggling with cystic adult acne before discovering The Love Vitamin and the Naturally Clear Skin Academy, but with your help…

I’ve changed my diet dramatically from the typical SAD diet to a much healthier way of eating. I now only get occasional breakouts or blackheads!! 

Seriously… 100x better than it used to be!!

– Haley F, 20, Michigan

"I feel confident about the way I look naturally for the first time in years"

Before discovering The Love Vitamin, I was struggling with persistent acne that was never that terrible but was just ALWAYS there, and skin that was always very rough and dry.

All your advice has been incredibly useful and I feel so much better now! My skin is the clearest and softest it’s been in years, and I don’t spend hours a day worry about or fussing over it.

And I no longer feel like I need to hide behind makeup if I want to leave my house. I feel confident about the way I naturally look for the first time in years. Thank you! 

-Katharine P. 27, Philadelphia, PA

"I've been able to be more confident in social situations which has helped me make friends"

You’re amazing! You have helped me so much in my life with the information you’ve shared in your program. I used to have severe acne and hormone issues which caused really bad social anxiety, and now I have mild acne.

I am able to feel confident with or without makeup which is amazing! I have also been able to feel more confident in social situations which has helped me make friends. You have truly changed my life. Thank you!

– Alison, 18, Wyoming

Imagine it...

The gorgeous skin on every inch of your face and body. The confidence.

And most of all the knowledge that you have achieved it in a way that you feel good about. It feels aligned with you, in a way that using drugs and creams and face washes would never be.

Best of all, you feel empowered because you are absolutely certain that THIS time acne is gone from your life for good. You now have the tools to keep it away forever and you never have to rely on anyone or anything else to have beautiful skin.

You CAN have the skin of your dreams safely, naturally, and 100% on your terms. And it starts here.

But before you join, let’s get real for a minute

This is not a program for you if you’re looking for short cuts to clear skin without taking responsibility for your own results. 

I’ll be teaching you how to achieve rapid results in your skin, but I’ll be insisting on you doing it in a way that you can then also maintain those results. Really what this is about is committing to creating the skin and also the life you want, for life.

If you’re not ready to step up to that yet, if you just want an overnight solution or if you’re not really prepared to do both the physical and emotional work to achieve real results, then please don’t join.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if this is for you? Glad you asked!

Yes, although you must get clearance from your primary health practitioner before participating, and you should make some adjustments to the program (ie implementing the diet and lifestyle changes slowly instead of all at once, taking it easy with the workouts, and not taking certain supplements).

The food can be adjusted to being vegetarian without too much trouble. I do not cater for a vegan diet, however you may be able to make the necessary modifications if you are creative! And of course, a reminder that the food is only one small part of the program. If you are already happy with your healthy diet, you may get some suggestions from it but you don’t need to follow that part of it to a T.
I mostly steer clear of some of the most common intolerant foods on my meal plans (dairy, soy, gluten, and refined sugar). But even if there’s foods you can’t eat or don’t like to eat, I always make sure you have other options. An important part of my meal plans is the variety I use and I make it a must to ensure that my meal plans can be adapted to suit your allergies or intolerance needs as well as your likes and dislikes. The results are in following the principles behind the meal plans and I show you exactly how to do that.
The workouts are designed so that they will challenge fit people and be modifiable for people new to exercise! I give you instructions on how to start slow and modify any workouts to your level, as well as to know when you are pushing yourself too hard.

Nope! That’s the whole point of this. With the Bootcamp, I tell you exactly how to eat, how to work out, and what to do each day to get results. I make it easy to integrate into your life. The beauty is that you can give it as much or as little time as you choose. The workouts are designed to be done in as little as 2 hours per week (and all of them are completely body-weight only meaning you don’t even need any equipment). And I show you how to do all your healthy cooking for the week in as little as a couple of hours as well! Each week I give you some powerful transformation work for your creating a positive mindset of success, and you can either spend a few minutes a day on that or about half an hour each week.

You can go through all the programs and content at your own pace… taking in as little as a half hour per week, or you can devour it all at once. Some of my Academy gals are on the forum sharing and chatting and getting support nearly all day every day and others jump in when they have a question. Even the live Q & A calls are recorded so if you prefer you can listen to them whilst driving and download and keep them for life.

This Academy has been designed so that you can take what you need from it, and YOU get to control how much time you want to put in on a week to week basis.

With all love and respect – can you truly say you’ve really tried everything? If you’ve never tried this holistic stuff then you can’t say you’ve tried everything. If you have tried holistic methods- are you sure you’ve tried everything in that arena and weren’t ignoring some crucial aspect of health and natural healing? Have you dealt with self-sabotaging behaviours for good, and shed beliefs that may be holding you back despite your actions? I’m willing to bet that if you haven’t gotten the results you want, you’re missing something and the Academy is going to cover it!

No. This is completely online, comprising of video, audio and PDF content as well as a members-only area on my website. You can participate from anywhere in the world!

This is an entirely electronic, online thing. No physical product will be shipped to you. You will receive instant access to all the material, with the exception of the Bootcamp, which will be delivered to you week by week over a six week period.

There is no one-on-one work in this program, but you can ask me (Tracy) anything you want in the 24/7 forum and I will always get back to you within a few days. 

Right away! You’ll have access to everything immediately.

Your Academy investment is 100% risk free! The Naturally Clear Skin Academy is chock full of the exact nutrition, training, motivation, mindset and lifestyle systems I’ve developed over the last 9 years to get people clear fast. I have put my heart and soul and every bit of my knowledge into ensuring you get the exact strategies, systems and support to guarantee your success. I KNOW you will get results if you implement the Academy content with your full commitment, but if you are not impressed with the Academy within the next 30 days, we will return your money to you! Be warned though, you will immediately lose access to the forum and training material.

The Naturally Clear Skin Academy is not for you if you’re after a quick-fix for your skin rather than a lifestyle change. Only join if you are committed to changing your skin and your life for good! — no excuses or ‘but I’ve tried everything’ defeatist attitudes.

"I'm in tears looking at where I came from with my skin and where I am now"

I’ve learned so many things from you that have helped me with my skin…. it’s been awhile since I looked at these photos, and I’m in tears right now looking at where I came from (which was a lot of cystic acne, clogged pores, and skin picking).

Thank you, Tracy. I owe my new skin and my new confidence to you.

– Tiffany, 25, California

"I have had fairly smooth, clearer skin and less painful cystic acne"

I had hormonal cystic acne, usually 2 to 4 painful cystic breakouts on or very near my jawline.

I ordered the Naturally Clear Skin package back in May, and as a direct result of implementing what I learned from it, I have had fairly smooth, clearer skin and less painful cystic acne.

I also feel good about using more natural products on my skin and not those filled with parabens and other sorts of chemicals!

– Orisa S, 42, North Carolina

"I feel free now and people can really see me, not my acne"

I was struggling with forehead and chest acne, after going off birth control. As a result of what Tracy has taught me, I have achieved much less hormonal acne on my face, and all my body acne has cleared up!

I feel free now and people can really see me, not my acne. Thanks so much Tracy!

-Taylor R, 21, Saskatchewan

Love Vitamin Review

"My skin has cleared up tremendously and I'm a much happier person!"

I was struggling with acne, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, and worst of all, bad anxiety!!

From you, I have learned a lot about diet and lifestyle, how to remain calm about my skin, and how to deal with social situations. Thank you Tracy, I am so grateful!

Since adopting a healthier diet, managing stress, and using natural skin care, my skin has cleared up tremendously. But more importantly, I’m a much happier person! 

– Gina S, 21, California

"No more acne, no more fear to meet people"

I was suffering from acne on my face, big and small. They gave me endless pain mentally and physically. I couldn’t even see my face on mirror. I hate to look at my face.. I thought i was a monster from a pond… from you, I learned how to fight acne such as stop relying on cosmetic and try nature remedies. Surprisingly, it works..

I would say that i manage to heal most of acne on my face within few months. My skin also less oily and not too dry but it just perfect with enough moisture. And what make me happier is no more pain.. Thanks Tracy.. Thank you The Love Vitamin… no more acne, no more fear to meet people.

-Nurul, 23, Malaysia

"I don’t have a face full of acne anymore, and that has given me a lot more confidence"

Wow, I have come such a long way with the help of Tracy! Her blog and Academy program has been such a huge help to me. About a year ago my skin had a HUGE freak out. I had acne all over the side’s of my chin, and along my cheeks. It really was horrible.

I can say that my skin is now way better than I could of imagined! My skin is no longer irritated and red. I don’t have a face full of acne anymore, and that has given me a lot more confidence about myself. She has really helped teach me how to let go of your skincare routine and let your body heal itself naturally. I feel so free!! 🙂

– Chloe C, 16, USA

Here's what it comes down to...

Then you need to be a part of this. Now.

Program Value: $2168Your investment only:


Your clearest skin ever is just around the corner.
$ 55 Payment plan (4 payments). In USD.
  • Instant access to full clear skin resources
  • Step by step plans for naturally clear skin for life
  • Finally get the clear skin you desperately want


Your clearest skin ever is just around the corner.
$ 197 Pay in full (one payment). In USD.
  • Instant access to full clear skin resources
  • Step by step plans for naturally clear skin for life
  • Finally get the clear skin you desperately want


I’ve put my heart and soul into making sure the Naturally Clear Skin Academy is chock full of the exact strategies, systems and support to guarantee your success!

I KNOW you will get results if you implement the Academy content with your full commitment, but if you are not impressed with the Academy within the next 30 days, we are more than happy to refund your money.

Elaina C

"I am more confident because I am not constantly thinking people are looking at my acne instead of me!"

My acne had become painful, cystic acne all along my jawline. It was embarrassing and it hurt!

My acne has decreased dramatically and I am a lot more careful about what I put in and on my body now.

My confidence has increased, part of that being I am not constantly thinking that people are looking at my acne instead of me! Also though, I’ve gained confidence in my ability to heal my own body.

– Elena C, 26, California

"I have never been happier and my skin has never been more clear"

I was struggling with unhappiness with my prescription acne medications and antibiotics that left me feeling dependent and anxious (I’d been on them since I was 13).

I had been feeling like there had to be a better way, a natural way to heal myself, but I didn’t know how to do it until I found The Love Vitamin, a miracle that has changed my life.I have never been happier, and my skin has never been more clear.

My skin is more even-toned, if I do get a breakout, it heals quickly, and I feel good about what I put on my face! I no longer need to worry about being separated from my skincare routine, and I will even skip washing my face when I feel like it.

Though there are still some struggles, the emotional growth that’s happened since discovering The Love Vitamin has truly impacted my life in a way that I can live freely and make room for what brings me joy.

– Jessica C, 20, Connecticut

"I have never been happier with the results I've gotten from the Academy"

I was struggling with stress acne that was mostly red spots on my cheeks and cystic acne. I have never been happier with the results from what Tracy has taught me in the Academy.

My acne has decreased dramatically and my emotional stress is completely gone because I learned how to manage it. In addition, I also learned about nutrition and the way I eat now has also changed my skin for the better. 

– Joanie, 21, Arizona

"My skin looks the best it has looked in years. THANK YOU!"

I had cystic acne on my cheeks during my early twenties that left scars and I still occasionally struggle with cysts on my chin. However, one of the supplements that you recommend in the Academy, has changed my life! My cysts are SO rare now.

Also, I use that cream that you recommended for acne scars that seems to be helping my overall contouring. I’ve also been inspired by Love Vitamin to switch to a holistic skin care routine. My skin looks the best it has looked in years. THANK YOU!

– Shayla S, 28, Indiana

“People who hadn't seen me for a few weeks said "wow your skin looks clear, what are you doing different?"

Before the Naturally Clear Skin Academy, I was feeling low in confidence, like the odd one out wanting my skin to look nice and clear like those around me.

I started about a month before Christmas but what I found most difficult was leaving my skin alone. But I persevered and people who hadn’t seen me for a few weeks said “wow your skin looks clear, what are you doing different?” – My mood and energy have also improved which I love, and I’m getting addicted to eating vegetables!

Already I have recommended this program to others and anyone who asks what I’m doing. Thank-you for helping me to not only clear my skin but also feel more involved in life and happy 🙂

– Selena D, New Zealand

"Thanks for the great advice Tracy!"

I was suffering with acne and obsessive-compulsive face picking. I noticed a big improvement when I cut back on the amount of things I put on my face like Tracy recommends. Another thing that Tracy did bring to my awareness was not touching/picking your face!

This is a HUGE one for me. Along with fixing my gut through diet, the above things have gotten me down to only 2 or 3 zits at a time (which is huge for me)! Thanks for the great advice Tracy!

– Jamie, 24, British Columbia

The Naturally Clear Skin You Dream Of


7 things you can start doing right now to permanently put acne to bed.